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Trailer #1

Humanity Has Declined

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: Latin American Spanish Portuguese English

Humanity Has Declined

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | The Fairies' Secret Factory Part 1

After a conversation with the faeries about the current plight of humanity, strange things begin to appear around the small village.

E2 | The Fairies' Secret Factory Part 2

The group struggles to stay together but is continuously pulled apart by an unknown force. Reaching the conference room will prove to be difficult.

E3 | The Faeries' Subculture Part 1

Y was assigned to work on the Human Monument project, but instead kicks off the BL Manga revolution.

E4 | The Faeries' Subculture Part 2

Y and her assistant are stuck in a strange manga world. They soon discover that if they act dramatically enough, they can materialize a printed sound effect.

E5 | The Faeries' Homecoming Part 1

Y learns that faeries are leaving to avoid electromagnetic waves generated by an electric-powered festival. Later, Y and her assistant find themselves once again trapped.

E6 | The Faeries' Homecoming Part 2

Pion joins the team along with their companion Oyage. When pursued, the group lands in an underground castle where danger strikes yet again.

E7 | The Faeries' Time Management

Something strange is happening with the mediator as she encounters someone who looks just like her! What is happening, and what do sweets have to do with it?

E8 | The Fairies' Time Management

The Fairies will stop at nothing to get more sweets. Their insistence affects more than just the Mediator.

E9 | The Fairies' Survival Skills

There is an over population of Fairies, and the Mediator must find them a new home. When they end up stranded on an island, there is only room for one ruler!

E10 | The Faeries' Earth

The Mediator starts a new job and is already a god by the end of the first day! Can their winning streak last?

E11 | The Faeries' Secret Tea Party Part 1

The Mediator recounts her first years at school as a target of bullying, and she thinks about all the unique people she met growing up.

E12 | The Faeries' Secret Tea Party Part 2

Mediator has settled in her role of the Wild Rose Society and is continuing her rapid ascent to becoming a 6th year. But a night spent with Y will rock her very core.



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