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Hitorijime My Hero

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English

Hitorijime My Hero

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | In the Beginning, He Wouldn't Tell Me Anything

High schooler Masahiro Setagawa has been jaded by life and is a helpless delinquent, but everything changes when he meets his teacher, Kosuke Oshiba.

E2 | The Days Go On, But There's More

Kensuke and Setagawa are having their own respective freak outs about certain people coming back into their lives. What will they do when they can't ignore them?

E3 | Like a Teeny, Tiny Ray of Light

Kensuke, still reeling from his last encounter, sees a girl dropping Hasekura off at school. Meanwhile, Hasekura thinks of a different way to mend his ties with Kensuke.

E4 | A Hunch, Hidden by Fragrant Smoke

Kensuke has become comfortable with his feelings for Hasekura, and is happy with their relationship. Meanwhile, Setagawa has to confront some truths about his own feelings.

E5 | A Person Worthy of Love

Setagawa can't seem to wrap his head around what happened last time with Kousuke. With his feelings in revolt, Setagawa looks to the past.

E6 | My Savior, Be Free

The past catches up with Setagawa, and now he must deal with the fall out. Meanwhile, Kensuke is trying to be supportive of his friend.

E7 | The High School Boys Howl

Setagawa continues his isolation until Kousuke, determined, tries to understand why he's isolating himself from his friends.

E8 | Inextinguishable Emotions Push Me Forward

Setagawa finally seems to be accepting his feelings for Kosuke. Kensuke seems more than supportive about his friends' new relationship.

E9 | Where My Feelings are Headed

As Setagawa gets used to his feelings for Kosuke he learns how to balance his needs in a relationship and of his partner's.

E10 | Why Is It So Hard To Be Happy?

Trouble brews when Setagawa's friend brings up a little detail about his relationship with Kousuke. With anxiety biting at his heels he tries to get reassurance from Kousuke.

E11 | That's Why I Just Want You to Smile

Kousuke is worried after he is suddenly summoned in to the Principal's office. Has Kousuke and Setagawa's relationship been found out?

E12 | The Kindest Place in the World

Setagawa tries to separate himself from Kousuke but will the separation prove to be too much for them? Will Setagawa finally accept his place in Kousuke's life?



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