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Hiiro no Kakera ~ The Tamayori Princess Saga

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: Portuguese Latin American Spanish English

Hiiro no Kakera ~ The Tamayori Princess Saga

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Tamayori Princess

While her parents are overseas for work, Tamaki Ugaya heads to her grandmother's to live in the Ugaya Family home.  As she tours Kifumura Village, she is suddenly attacked by a group of beasts.

E2 | A Step of Determination

In order to protect Onikirimaru, Tamaki succeeds her grandmother as the Tamayori Princess.  Puzzled by her new-found persona, yet skillfully guarded by a group of protectors, Tamaki begins to unravel the mysteries behind her new identity.

E3 | The Five Guardians

After being rescued from a near death plunge, Tamaki meets Shinji, the fifth member of the Shugogo House.  Though the reunion is joyful, Tamaki senses that the others are not too fond of him.  Tamaki worries.

E4 | Advent of the Saint

The mysterious group "Logos" lets its presence be known while Tamaki and the others head to the secret location where the sacred items are sealed.  Tamaki and her guardians must stop them from breaking the seals.

E5 | The Two Tasks

Tamaki and her guardians fail to defend the first seal, and it falls victim to Logos and their leader, Aria.  As the situation worsens, Shizuki urges Tamaki to release the Tamayori princess within her.)

E6 | The Course of the Battle

The promised battle has begun:  the Logos have bypassed the seal and prepare to engage Tamaki and Takuma Mahiro of Shugogo house.

E7 | The Breaking of Bonds

The bonds between Tamaki and the Shugogo house guardians begins to break.  As Tamaki offers her consolation, the guardians rebuff her and demand answers.

E8 | The Prediction of The Bureau of Medicine

A new face appears, claiming to be from the country's court Physician's bureau.  Suguru and the Shugogo are unsure of this mystery man as he offers his help, unable to read his intentions and doubting his story.  Tamaki takes a gamble and accepts the offer.

E9 | The Rumbling of the Earth

The gods sealed within the woods begin to awaken.  Due to the weakening of the Onikirimaru seal, the gods begin transforming one after the other.  Takuma an the others try to suppress the wrath of the gods.

E10 | The Guardian's Feelings

The Onikirimaru seals fall one by one to the Logos' influence.  In order to strengthen the Tamayori Princess' Guardians, both the Shugogo and Ugaya houses agree to live under the same roof.

E11 | The Demon's Tradition

Even through bad situations, Tamaki finds the good in everyone living together, and befriends them all.  As a power deep within her stirs, Tamaki realizes the time of awakening for the Tamayori Princess draws closer.

E12 | A Time for Battle

Tamaki and her guardians realize the true meaning of living together with the Ugaya.  The Logos are hunting for the last remaining seals, an the Shugogo house must split in two in order to stop them.

E13 | The Power of Onikirimaru

With the last seal broken, the Onikirimaru awakens, emitting raw power and causing the demon within Takuma to emerge.  Meanwhile, the rest of Shugogo house face off against the Logos in the thrilling conclusion of Hiiro no Kakera!



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