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Hidamari Sketch Hoshimittsu

Season 3

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-PG)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Hidamari Sketch Hoshimittsu

Season 3 | 12 Episodes

E1 | February 27th~March 4th: Drenched in Red

Yuno forgets to do her homework in time for Ms. Yoshinoya's class and rushes to finish it during lunch break.

E2 | April 6th: Yes, No

On April 6, the girls hold a welcome party for Nazuna and Nori. Miyako brings a 'question dice' in order to discover things about the freshmen.

E3 | April 8th~9th: Decisions

After the first day back at school on April 8, Yuno has trouble deciding what electives to take. After talking with Sae and Hiro, she makes a decision.

E4 | April 15th: The Sunshine's Great

Natsume gets a brief chance to walk home with Sae. Yuno, Miyako, Nori and Nazuna go to a home store to buy some new curtains for Nori's apartment.

E5 | April 20th: A Girl's Feelings

The girls go in for their physical exams, and Yuno is not too pleased with her results. Later, Yuno gets a wrong number call from Arisawa, and remembers when she met her.

E6 | April 26th

Ms. Yoshinoya is acting strange, and the students deduce that she might be in love. The girls admire Nanuka for being popular with the boys.

E7 | May 3rd: A Day Cut in Seven Parts

Chika comes to visit and reveals to the group that she has given them all animal likenesses. Elsewhere, the Principal and Ms. Yoshinoya exercise together.

E8 | May 13th~May 14th: Yuno's Crab

The girls look forward to the Chinese Food Fair and are crestfallen when they arrive too late. However, a surprise awaits them at home.

E9 | November 22nd: Third Year and First Year Students

Sae loses sleep due to mounting pressure from her editor. Ms. Yoshinoya's daydreaming gets her in trouble with the Principal.

E10 | May 28th~June 2nd: Hidamari Pallette

When Yuno accidentally flushes her apartment key, she has to couch surf with the other residents for almost a week before the landlady can find a replacement.

E11 | June 5th: The Matchstick Mystery

The girls take advantage of a rainy day to laze about, and then they prepare for a graduation ceremony.

E12 | July 12th: Three Stars x Lycopene

Earlier in the year the girls planted some tomatoes, and now it's time to come together and harvest them!



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