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Hello!! KINMOZA!

Season 2

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  • Versions: Broadcast Home Video (TV-PG)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English Portuguese Latin American Spanish

Hello!! KINMOZA!

Season 2 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Spring Has Come!

A new school year greets Alice, Shino and their friends, but this year Shino and Alice have to be in separate classes. Later, Alice goes undercover to learn more about Shino.

E2 | Present For You

Shino invites everyone over for afternoon tea, but actually doing it may prove difficult. Kuzehashi tries her best to smile and be nice to her students, but smiling is hard.

E3 | Because You Are So Bright

Yoko’s younger siblings show up at school, which upsets Yoko. Aya tries her best to get them to apologize. Meanwhile, Alice is missing her pet dog.

E4 | Be Not Defeated By the Rain

Aya and Alice are tired of being mistaken for children, but as they nurse the flowers outside the school, they realize some growth only happens with patience.

E5 | Play With Big Sister

Shino’s older sister has been acting odd. The girls try to cheer her up by going out for a picture day! After that, Alice copies an old folk tale, which works almost too well.

E6 | That Girl On My Mind

Karen suggests Yoko try a café’s parfait challenge to sate her sudden insane hunger. There, they meet a classmate, who ends up bonding with Shino over a shared interest.

E7 | My Dear Hero

The seasons shift and Karen’s summer uniform is wild! Meanwhile, Shino, Karen and Alice have a surprise sleepover, and the girls hear a story from Alice and Karen’s past.

E8 | It's Almost Summer Break

This year, Yoko is determined to plan her summer vacation; she wants to go to the beach. But with summer also comes final exams!

E9 | A Treasured Day

While Aya is creating a Yoko-proof summer homework schedule, Shino decides to change her look, which leads to dress up with Alice, Karen and Honoka. A great start to summer!

E10 | Promise at the Seaside

The girls are finally headed to the beach! But alongside the cute swimsuits, tasty food and overall chilling, Shino might have a problem.

E11 | A Night That's Just a Little Long

Alice spends some time with Honoka before leaving for England with Alice. Meanwhile, Shino tries to cope with the two being away.

E12 | More than Anything, I Love Them a Whole Lot

Though Alice enjoys seeing her family once again, she misses Shino like crazy. Just as vacation comes to an end, Shino’s behind on her homework!



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