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Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English Latin American Spanish


Season 1 | 24 Episodes

E1 | Helck the Hero

The Demon Lord is defeated by a human hero. To find his replacement, the demonkin hold a competition. Helck, a human and mortal enemy, is among the participants.

E2 | Anne from Management

Helck continues to rack up victories as a fan favorite of the crowd. He then proceeds on to the semifinals race! Will he be able to keep up with the other racers?

E3 | The Unknown Enemy

Helck displays mind-blowing strength and leaves Vermilio increasingly concerned about the threat he poses.

E4 | Shock

After Helck blocks an attack meant for Edil, Vermilio becomes convinced that he is an enemy. But then, the floor gives away and everyone falls into a dark underground room...

E5 | The Remote Island Village

The mysterious power of the gate sends Vermilio and Helck to an unknown remote island. Vermilio travels deeper into the island and comes across a fluffy creature.

E6 | Invasion

Vermilio poses a question to Helck: “Can you fight against your old friends?” Meanwhile, the others at Castle Urum are fighting an overwhelming number of winged knights.

E7 | The Human King

Hyura and the others escape Castle Urum but soon find themselves surrounded again. Azudra arrives to subdue the winged knights. All the while, Azudra begins plotting.

E8 | Back to the Continent

Azudra determines the winged knights are a major threat. Meanwhile, Helck and Vermilio take it easy.

E9 | Barbarians of the Tothman Tribe

Helck and Vermilio bid farewell to the mysterious island and its residents as they sail away with a stowaway Piwi aboard. However, they run into a massive whirlpool!

E10 | In Pursuit of a Map

Helck and company end up in the Erille Kingdom where they must fight the barbarians of the Tothman Tribe. The Tothman King goes berserk after tapping into a mysterious power.

E11 | The Troubadour's Song

Helck and company use their winnings from the cooking competition to buy a map leading to the Empire. They make plans to go northwest into the ruins of two destroyed kingdoms.

E12 | The Spirit of Faith

Vermilio is frightened by Helck’s power as he goes berserk during his battle with Augis. It makes her recall the words of the Great Witch who warned her about Helck.

E13 | With Younger Brother in Tow

When they were little, Helck and his younger brother Cless lost both of their parents. One day, Cless gets very sick and Helck begs for someone to save him.

E14 | The Mercenaries

Only half a month after Cless departs on his expedition, monsters begin to appear in greater numbers than ever before. The kingdom enacts a military draft to combat them.

E15 | The Power of Heroes

Helck arrives at the Demon Lord’s castle and senses a powerful presence. It turns out to be Azudra of the Four Elite Lords, who makes a plea for peace.

E16 | The Truth Behind Awakening

Zeruzeon reveals the kingdom’s terrifying plan, so Helck and his friends sneak into the castle to put a stop to it by saving Cless.

E17 | Traitors

Helck is on the verge of being killed. To save the life of his big brother, Cless is forced to make a choice.

E18 | Smile

Helck charges onward but an army of bounty hunters stands between him and Alicia. She is in horrible shape as she faces public execution.

E19 | Vermilio of the Four Elite Lords

Helck's motivations become clear with an awakening of a horrific truth. Vermilio vows to fight by Helck’s side.

E20 | The Mysterious Woman

The winged knights continue attacking Castle Thor to level themselves up further. Meanwhile, Asta keeps snooping for information in the human realm.

E21 | Phase 2

Zeruzeon leads the winged knights in an assault on the newly rebuilt castle. Humans and demons become locked in combat.

E22 | Spell Breaker

Hyura and Edil battle it out at Castle Thor while a strange relationship starts between them. Meanwhile, Mikaros is confronted by Azudra and reveals a past grudge.

E23 | The Chosen Path

Raphaed’s army attacks a demonkin outpost, when Helck and Vermilio arrive. Raphaed determines Vermilio is Helck's newfound source of support.

E24 | Towards a Hopeful Future

Helck faces off with his former friend, Alicia. Meanwhile, Vermilio can't help but be concerned about Helck as she continues to fight with Raphaed.



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