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He is My Master

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

He is My Master

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | He Is My Master!?

After running away from home, Izumi and Mitsuki Sawatara are looking for jobs. They arrive at a huge mansion where they find a potential employer.

E2 | That Vase is 5 Million.....

Izumi and Mitsuki wake up in Yoshitaka's garden. He agrees to let them live at his mansion as long as they agree to his terms.

E3 | That Uniform-loving, Hidden Camera-loving, Bishojo Game-loving Pedo

When Izumi and Mitsuki go to school with Yoshitaka, they find out that there's a girl who likes him! Izumi decides the girl needs to know just who she's pining for.

E4 | A Couple Formed Under Extraordinary Circumstances Will Not Last Long

It's a rare moment for Izumi and Yoshitaka to need to work together, but when Mitsuki is kidnapped, they have no other choice!

E5 | There's A Rumor About An Adolescent Boy Living

The mansion recieves some most unlikely visitors. The girls' parents make an attempt to get them back.

E6 | The Battle For Izumi Sawatari Series!

At the summer festival, Mitsuki dissapears! Yoshitaka is concerned that a ghost may have something to do with it.

E7 | He is Izumi's ???!?

Izumi is furious when she discovers what Yoshitaka has been up to. Though she wants to leave, she is reminded of the huge debt she still owes and must stay.

E8 | An Incredibly Low Strike Zone

Becoming an idol may be just what Izumi needs to pay off her debt, but can Karin convince her of that?

E9 | Izumi May Be Izumi But Izumi Will No Longer Yield To Anyone

Romance is in the air when Yoshitaka and the girls go to beach. A pretty girl named Alicia has caught Yoshitaka's attention.

E10 | He Is My Prince!?

Yoshitaka fights to keep the girls as his maids against a suspicious character named Seichirou. Will the girls be handed over to a stranger?

E11 | Yoshitaka, Oh So Far Away

Things just aren't the same when Izumi and Mitsuki leave, including Yoshitaka himself, and a challenge is made.

E12 | He Is My Master!! (finale)

The girls find Yoshitaka in bed, his spirit broken. Izumi accepts the wager from Takami and must find the safe containing Yoshitaka's most prized possession.



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