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Hayate the Combat Butler: Cuties

Season 4

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Hayate the Combat Butler: Cuties

Season 4 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Hayate Ayasaki

The Hakuo Academy's final exams are on the horizon and everyone’s sick! Hayate does his best to take care of them but ends up sick too.

E2 | Nagi Sanzenin

Nagi accidently watches a horror movie leaving her terrified! She calls for Hayate and begs him to stay be her side.

E3 | Athena Tennousu

Hayate and Saki are on their way to the bank when the dog, Armageddon and Yukiji suddenly appear. Armageddon snatches the briefcase full of money from them!

E4 | Isumi Saginomiya & Sakuya Aizawa

The search for a made for the Saginomiya's begins! Hatsuho asks Hayate to hand out flyers and Fumi decides to apply. Will she be up to the task?

E5 | Hinagiku Katsura

Hinagiku hints to Hayate that she’d like a shoulder massage but he doesn’t catch on. The next day the two are challenged by Gilbert into a volleyball game.

E6 | Izumi Segawa and the other two

Hayate assists Risa, Izumi and Mikibout investigate why they’re being called the "idiot trio". As the day goes on the reason becomes all too clear.

E7 | Ruka Suirenji

Ruka has landed a role in a commercial but there’s a problem, it’s a commercial for bikes and she doesn’t know how to ride one!

E8 | Ayumu Nishizawa

Ayumu is astonished about her recent weight gain and realizes her constant consuming of Hayate's food is the reason she's gaining weight.

E9 | Chiharu Harukaze & Kayura Tsurugino

Chiharu decides to have a barbecue and has Hayate help her with the grocery shopping. Along the way she makes a serious inquiry that leads to some miscommunication later.

E10 | Maria

Maria discovers a love letter for Hayate but Nagi’s meddling leads to some unforeseen complications. To try and remedy the situation Maria and Hayate go on a date!

E11 | Who’s Knocking on the Door?

Hayate has a dream where the same tanuki from within the Black Camellia reappears and asks for a big request. In the morning, for some reason Nagi won't wake up!

E12 | I Will Love and Be Loved in My Life

Hayate’s predicament continues while Nagi talks with the tanuki inside her dream. Can Hayate save Nagi from this sleeping curse of will he lose her forever?



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