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Hayate the Combat Butler! Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Season 3

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Hayate the Combat Butler! Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Season 3 | 12 Episodes

E1 | First Night

After a phone call, Nagi is intent on going to Area 51, a secret military base that attracts un-worldly things. Maria says it’s too dangerous to go, but Hayate only laughs.

E2 | Second Night

Nishizawa sings with all her heart and strength, and her voice carries all the way to Tsugumi’s heart. Suddenly faced with being an older sister, all Nagi can do is cry.

E3 | Third Night

Hayate and Hinagiku meet at the battle ground known as Hakuo Academy. Meanwhile, random items and happenings are all part of a clever plot schemed by Izumi, Risa and Miki.

E4 | Fourth Night

Ruri, looking for a way to get closer to Nagi, buys some video games for them to play; Ruri asks about for recommendations in anime, manga and games.

E5 | Fifth Night

Hayate and Yukiji go to lunch, Ruri and Sonia join them, but only one of them has any money. A thief appears to steal money and Nagi mistakes the thief for her sister.

E6 | Sixth Night

Nagi visits the Violet Mansion to find Ruri alone and she convinces Ruri to admit her true intentions. A storm hits and they struggle to keep safe.

E7 | Seventh Night

A treasure resides in America and Nagi and Ruri both want it. The problem is: everyone has a reason for wanting to go to America, but no one has any money.

E8 | Eighth Night

Hayate and the gang rescue Ruri after she is abducted. They all travel to Las Vegas to retrieve the treasure, but it may be bad luck.

E9 | Ninth Night

Hayate’s luck has gotten worse since he took possession of the Black Camellia, but then it gets stolen and the group must find it.

E10 | Tenth Night

Hayate gets lost and Nagi is all alone. She begins to realize how important Hayate is to her, so she begins to look for him. Meanwhile, Yukiji gets Hayate to help her.

E11 | Eleventh Night

Nagi must find Hayate so everyone gathers to help search. When the truth about the Black Camellia is uncovered, everyone’s wishes combine into one.

E12 | Final Night

Nagi must face danger in order to find Hayate, who is having an adventure of his own. Ruka’s singing ends on a spectacular note.



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