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Hatenkou Yugi

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Hatenkou Yugi

Season 1 | 10 Episodes

E1 | Eternal Light

After being thrown out by her Father to explore the world, Rahzel Anadis must find a way to make money. With the help of Alzeid, they take on an exorcism job.

E2 | Wound of the Scar

As Rahzel and Alzeid travel, they end up meeting Elmier who’s running from the police. They suddenly find themselves in prison along with Elmier and must find a way out.

E3 | A Silent Song of Lullaby

Continuing their travels, Rahzel and Alzeid help a young boy reunite with his mother, leading to the discovery of a more sinister plot in the town’s circus.

E4 | Must Not Violate Paradise

Rahzel, Alzeid and now Baroqueheat are taken in by two sisters from the torrential rain. The mansion holds more secrets than the sisters are willing to admit.

E5 | The Sun in Your Palms

While traveling, the trio get lost and find themselves in a town with macabre rituals. Staying in the inn, they discover much about the town among other things.

E6 | The Sun in Your Palms (Second Part)

Continuing from the last episode, the trio tries to save the inn owner from the villagers and they confront some truths about the inn keeper’s daughter.

E7 | When the Flower Blooms

Rahzel and her companions end up being swept by an avalanche. They wake up to find that they were taken in by a nearby village, which is more than it seems.

E8 | Unknown Destination (First Part)

While trying to meet up with Baroqueheat in a new city, Rahzel ends up saving a boy named Vincent from some robbers.

E9 | Unknown Destination (Second Part)

Vincent is kidnapped again, and Rahzel tries to save him once more but gets knocked out. Soresta fights with Alzeid.

E10 | A Present for You

Rahzel’s adoptive father makes an appearance and is ready to take her back home. Meanwhile, Alzeid must deal with his feelings for Rahzel and their impending separation.



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