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Season 1

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Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Shall We Dance?

An ordinary girl with a love for fairy tales, Naru's life changes when she meets a mysterious blonde girl dancing in the moonlight and mistakes her for a fairy.

E2 | Jealousy Rose

With Naru now convinced to join Hana's yosakoi club, the two girls must now find new members, while Naru's best friend grows jealous.

E3 | Girls’ Style

Hana and Naru learn about an upcoming yosakoi festival but are faced with the obstacle of recruiting more members. Meanwhile, friendships are tested.

E4 | Princess / Princess

A talented ballet dancer, Tami is invited to join the girls' yosakoi club but finds herself conflicted over her father's approval.

E5 | First Step

The group convinces Yaya to "join" the club and become official with Sally as their advisor. At last, they can attend their first school activity, a yosakoi festival!

E6 | Try, Try, Try!

The girls must decide on a concept and prepare for their first event, but challenges arise when the condition to perform rests on scoring high on their exams.

E7 | Girl Identity

Friendships are tested when a depressed and heartbroken Yaya lashes out at the other girls, and Naru and Hana must find a way to reach out to her.

E8 | Mission Event

The girls work together to prepare for the event, but when the day of the performance finally comes, the team is faced with several dilemmas.

E9 | Sister Complex

The club faces more challenges as they learn that as a substitute teacher, Sally can't be their advisor. Meanwhile, Machi must deal with hostile feelings towards her sister.

E10 | Hot Spring Camp

With a new addition to the team, the girls travel to Tami's family's hot spring to practice. Meanwhile, a shocking revelation about Hana comes to light.

E11 | Smile is Flower

A secret is keeping Hana from putting her heart into practice. Naru later discovers what's been holding Hana back.

E12 | HaNaYaMaTa

The day of the festival arrives, and the girls gain hope when they learn of a chance that Hana may be able to perform alongside them after all.



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