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Hakuoki ~Demon of the Fleeting Blossom~

Season 1

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Hakuoki ~Demon of the Fleeting Blossom~

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Capital of Snowflakes

Chizuru Yukimura is in Kyota looking for her father, a doctor who's gone missing. When demons chase her, she is narrowly saved by the Shinsengumi.

E2 | The Seeds of Discord

Chizuru becomes more familiar with the Shinsengumi. Following a lead concerning her father's whereabouts, she ends up running into the Shinsengumi's enemy.

E3 | The Flower that Blooms in Twilight

A small Shinsengumi squad works to apprehends the Chousuu conspirators at Ikedaya, but the situation may be too much for them.

E4 | Those Who Come From Darkness

A mysterious stranger arrives and announces an upcoming storm. Many confrontations arise as they race to Mt. Tennozan.

E5 | Opposing Blades

The Shinsengumi plan to move to a larger headquarters. Meanwhile, Sanaan continues research on a particular medicine in a dangerous way.

E6 | The Devil’s Existence

It is unclear if Sanaan will recover. While on patrol, Chizuru and the soldiers rescue a girl who looks exactly like Chizuru. The Oni strangers attempt to kidnap Chizuru.

E7 | The Fetters of Fate

As the Shinsengumi undergo medical exams, Chizuru is given a recommendation by the doctor, who was a friend of her father's, only to discover a damning secret about Okita.

E8 | Fleeting Dreams

Despite bad news on many fronts, the Shinsengumi get Chizuru to finally dress like a girl on a celebratory night out.

E9 | Wake of the Slaughter

Sen-hime claims Chizuru comes from an ancient blood line, which forces Chizuru to admit the truth about herself.

E10 | The Course of Bonds

The Shinsengumi try to thwart the plan to assassinate Commander Kondou, and get embroiled in a brutal fight.

E11 | Those Who Fall

After an attempted assassination, Commander Kondou is in critical condition. Kaoru reveals the reason he hates Chizuru.

E12 | Beyond the Clash of Arms

The Shinsengumi battle it out with the Imperial forces in the conflict that very well may be their last.