Hakuoki ~Demon of the Fleeting Blossom~ Record of the Jade Blood

Season 2

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English

Hakuoki ~Demon of the Fleeting Blossom~ Record of the Jade Blood

Season 2 | 10 Episodes

E1 | Like a Flame

After suffering defeat and retreating to Edo, the Shinsengumi must fight the urge to simply give up.

E2 | The Corridor of Setbacks

Kondou’s pride leads him to make rash decisions with steep consequences. Just as the Shinsengumi are trying to retreat, Kodo appears with an army of furies!

E3 | The Distant Visage

Kaoru reveals his true identity to Chizuru. Facing internal struggles on top of external conflicts, the fate of the Shinsengumi seems more uncertain than ever.

E4 | Eternal Heartfelt Loyalty

The terrible secret about the origin of a fury's power is brought to light. As they are surrounded, someone must serve as a decoy, and now they know the price of power.

E5 | A Fleeting Dream

Hijikata leads the siege on Utsunomiya Castle, where he gets into a gruesome fight with Kazama. Elsewhere, Harada runs into Shiranui, who informs him of Kodo’s next evil plot.

E6 | The Shining Light of Daybreak

Harada and Shiranui fight Kodo and his ranks of furies to protect Edo from their bloodlust. Elsewhere, Okita dedicates every ounce of his strength to fighting.

E7 | Blade of the Sun

Saito leads the Shinsengumi to Aizu, where he is placed in charge of a small troop of willful soldiers. Can Saito earn their trust and respect while also waging a war?

E8 | Scattering Cherry Blossoms

The final showdown between Hijikata and Kodo’s furies comes to a head. Some days later, the Shinsengumi decide to move to Ezo, but Hijikata orders Chizuru to stay behind.

E9 | The Blooming Hepatica

Chizuru is once again reunited with Hijikata. However, despite their best efforts, it is only a matter of time before the Imperial Army strikes at Hakodate.

E10 | The Ephemeral, Pale Cherry Blossom

The end of the long war is about to come to an end. Now that Hijikata has a reason to live after the war is over, can he manage to survive these last battles?



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