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Hakumei and Mikochi

Season 1

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Hakumei and Mikochi

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Yesterday's Dark Red / Marketplace Shanty

As Hakumei and Mikochi go on with their daily lives they find little wonders of their world, and learn to find joy in each other’s company.

E2 | The Two Songstresses/ The Glass Lamp/A Cup of Coffee

Mikochi is chosen to be a songstress and she must learn how to deal with the new attention. Meanwhile, an unexpected gift arrives.

E3 | Starlit Sky and Ponkan / Work Day

An unfortunate incident leaves Hakumei and Mikochi without a home. Later, Hakumei is hard at work when suddenly trouble arises.

E4 | Work Day 2 / Horned Owls and Old Tales

Konju and Mikochi enjoy each other’s company while baking and crafting. Later, a usual trip to the mountains take a dangerous turn for the worst.

E5 | The Association's Work Site/ Large Stones and Joint Stones

After a landslide causes a stone wall to collapse, Hakumei tries to lend a helping hand. Will Hakumei’s hard work and dedication get her noticed?

E6 | The Egg Beautician / A Day Off /   The Egg Beautician - Day 2

Hakumei finds an egg-shaped house with an unexpected resident, and the surprises continue when Iwashi agrees to go on an outing with the girls.

E7 | A Ladder in the Tree/The Metropolitan Lifestyle/Photo of a Smile

A ladder above Hakumei and Mikochi’s home leads to many mysteries. One of them is an unexpected new resident that differs from the rest…

E8 | A Long Day

The Honey House is home to many residents who aren't too fond of newcomers. Despite this, Konju plans to host a concert there which causes a bit of trouble for the girls.

E9 | Rhythm of the River Bottom/Dry Goods of the Stubborn

Hakumei and Mikochi help Sen with important underwater research and later they feel inspired to design a new outfit for a friend.

E10 | Hot Bamboo Bath/Daikon and Pipes

There's nothing more relaxing than a day at the spa even if it's followed by some unexpected company!

E11 | Overnight Train / Rain and Tenkara

All aboard! Hakumei and Mikochi take a train to enjoy some fishing and find that the fish are harder to catch than they first thought.

E12 | Memory of Dark Red Hair

On the way to the Makinata’s pioneering festival, Hakumei makes an effort to see some old friends and Mikochi learns about Hakumei’s mysterious past.