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Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English Latin American Spanish Portuguese European Spanish

Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Doll Girl Meets Kokkuri-san!

Kohina Ichimatsu's cup noodle filled days as a self-proclaimed doll come to halt when she decides to play Kokkuri-san!

E2 | A Refreshing Smile Is The First Step to Becoming a Respectable Person!

Kokkuri-san starts helping Kohina make progress in leading a normal life, but then Inugami shows disrupting the household even more!

E3 | Inugami Stay House!

Inugami is proving to be way more difficult to live with than Kohina and Kokkuri-san had initially thought.

E4 | The One I'm Curious About Is a Sci-Fi Type!

As if Inugami wasn't enough to deal with, now there's the tanuki ghost Shigaraki! Can Kokkuri-san protect Kohina from the misfortune the new ghost brings?

E5 | The Flowers on the Desk Are a Message!

Kohina can't seem to find peace and quiet anywhere she goes, including school! She now finds herself the victim of bullying and Kokkuri-san just can't seem to stay away.

E6 | Kohina and One Eye and Shigaraki!

Much to the dismay of Kokkuri-san, Kohina is now able to see spirits! What makes things worse is she refuses to listen to his warnings and befriends one.

E7 | The Cat Spirit's Love at First Sight!

The cat god Tama has an exceptional love for dolls and she wants to add Kohina to her collection! Can Kokkuri-san and the others foil Tama's plans?

E8 | Ms. Kokkuri's Miracle Hot Springs Search in the Steam!

Though Shigaraki is very happy with Kokkuri-san's new form he agrees to help his old friend return to normal... or so he claims.

E9 | Age of Many Concerns!

Kokkuri-san faces the reality of going bald and is unable to do so gracefully. He goes to some extraordinary lengths to keep his fluff.

E10 | Kureha's Days Being Stood Up!

Kohina and Kokkuri-san discover a girl named Kureha beneath a maple tree. She asks them to help her find the person she is waiting for.

E11 | Drop Out of Being an Adult and Cosplay!

When Inugami and Shigaraki decide to ignore Kokkuri-san's note on a bottle of rejuvenating water in the fridge, they learn a hard lesson.

E12 | Destiny!

The holidays should be a peaceful time, but that's not the case for Kohina and friends. Even simple house cleaning turns into a disaster. Will the group even see the New Year?



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