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Girls Beyond the Wasteland

Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Girls Beyond the Wasteland

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Girls Who Chase After Their Dreams

After viewing a skit Buntarou wrote for their school’s drama club, Sayuki asks him out on what might be considered a date. However, she has an odd ulterior motive.

E2 | This is Another Spring of Youth

Buntarou is still reeling from the previous day’s events when Saiyuki reveals her plan, which is already underway and only missing the key component: a team.

E3 | It’s the First Time

The group gets together for a “camp” to brainstorm ideas for their first project. However, an argument between Sayuki and Teruha may leave the team lacking a programmer!

E4 | A Melody of Selfishness and Subtraction

Buntarou comes down with a case of writer's block, and the stress begins to take its toll on Yuki. With both writer and artist in a creative slump, what can Kuroda do to help?

E5 | What You Can See in the Storm

After another heated argument, Ando fires herself. In an attempt to coax her back, Buntarou signs on to help Ando's family fishing business with dangerous results.

E6 | This is the So-Called Fanservice Episode

The group heads to the beach to replicate beloved fanservice tropes, but will incurable fissures begin to form as Kuroda and Buntarou come to an understanding?

E7 | As Always, It’s a Different You

Bunta’s having a seriously bad case of writer’s block. The group attempts to stimulate his imagination by acting out one odd scenario after another!

E8 | Shut Away in Summer

Bunta is under house arrest! Kuroda enlists the entire team to "help" Bunta get past his writer's block the old fashioned way: he can't leave until he finishes the script.

E9 | Because I Love You

The team heads to the recording studio to put Yuka’s voice to their main character, Kirika. However, with the studio on a schedule, can Yuka do the quality job she wants?

E10 | Typhoon Attack

Rokuhara releases the demo of their first game! As they read reviews, they get word that veteran development team, Typhoon, wants to meet them, but it might be risky.

E11 | This Might Be the Beginning

The group discovers the truth behind Kuroda's intentions for creating the bishoujo game. Betrayed, Buntarou and the others abandon her just before the game's completion.

E12 | Girls Beyond the Wasteland

The members of Rokuhara await the news of their win or loss against the game company Typhoon. When the results come in, why does Kuroda want to break up the team?



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