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Season 1

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Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | The 15th Successor and Gintaro

SSaeki Makoto discovers that she is the 15th in line to receive a special gift: the ability to see the fox spirit, Gintaro.

E2 | Learning to Compromise

Makoto goes to school with a member of an elite family, who she could not be more different from. After an intense encounter, their dynamic changes.

E3 | The Place Where the Gods Are

Makoto finds a turtle herald near the Saeki Shrine and enlists the help of Gintaro to find his home.

E4 | Satoru and Haru

Makoto is shocked after her father tells her that they will be welcoming a new family member, which turns out to be a boy from another shrine.

E5 | Season of Warmth

The herald from Satoru's family shrine, Haru, wants to be with Satoru, even refusing to go home. After an argument, Haru runs away from the Saeki shrine.

E6 | How Do I Look?

After his first kendo practice, the girls are all vying for Satoru’s attentions. There's a clamor when they discover that he's living with Makoto.

E7 | Shrine and Temple

Makoto, Gintaro, and Satoru are walking with Haru through town when they happen to pass by a large temple. Makoto overhears a familiar voice.

E8 | Humans Are Strange

Hiwako learns that her father is returning from a trip overseas and begins searching for his birthday present. She asks Yumi and Makoto for advice.

E9 | I'm Sorry

While everyone else is out, Aki and Sachina visit the Saeki shrine. They are joined by Yuuya and two other boys. While playing, they accidentally break a shrine dipper!

E10 | It Really Doesn't Matter

Satoru continues to practice hard as a member of the kendo club, but when he gets in a fight with another member, he ends up in a match against the team captain!

E11 | Makoto's Future

As Makoto continues to worry about what she should do in the future, she turns to Gintaro for advice.

E12 | Summer Cleansing

It's time for the Summer Cleansing and the girls get up early to put on their shrine maiden outfits. Tatsuo drops by to mention that a foreign-looking boy has arrived.



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