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Ghost Hound

Season 1

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Ghost Hound

Season 1 | 22 Episodes

E1 | Lucid Dream

Tarou has a recurring dream where he is flying and sees his sister with a strange girl. In school, he meets a new transfer student, Masayuki Nakajima.

E2 | EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

At school, Masayuki questions Tarou about his past and the traumatic events 11 years earlier. Tarou begins to search for answers from his dreams.

E3 | Phobia Exposure

Tarou and Masayuki begin hanging out. Masayuki, who is afraid of heights, tells Tarou to try to confront his fears.

E4 | Altered States of Consciousness

Tarou, Masayuki and Makoto go to explore the abandoned hospital. As they walk around, strange things begin to happen all around them.

E5 | OBE – Out of Body Experience

After having an out-of-body experience in the hospital, the three try to go about their normal lives as if nothing unusual has happened.

E6 | Brain Homunculus

In the Unseen World, there is a man who can see Tarou and Masayuki when nothing else can. Back in their own world, they go in search of answers.

E7 | LTP – Long Term Potentiation

Tarou has an accident and ends up in the hospital. Masayuki visits him there, and the two boys meet with Dr. Atsushi and Dr. Reika.

E8 | Revolution of Limbic System

Dr. Atsushi reviews what he has discovered in his two months as Tarou's counselor. Tarou has another out-of-body experience which reveals many clues to him.

E9 | Existential Ghosts

A dark ghost appears near the place where Tarou's kidnapper was killed. More and more people are beginning to take notice of the strange events that are happening.

E10 | Affordance/T.F.T. - Thought Field Therapy

Masayuki has become the target of bullies until Makoto steps in. Tarou discusses a new type of therapy in his session with Dr. Atsushi.

E11 | Syntax Error

Tarou's experiences have become so common that they no longer disturb him, until he sees a body floating near the dam. Masayuki and Makoto accompany Tarou to investigate.

E12 | Homeostasis Synchronization

The boys have an ordinary day at school even though Makoto can't stop thinking about his mother. Tarou meets with Dr. Atsushi, and they talk about the struggle for balance.

E13 | For the Snark Was a Boojum, You See.

As he sleeps, Tarou has another experience: he goes into the past and visits Kameiwa hospital. While there, he meets a stranger named Snark.

E14 | Emergence Matrix

Makoto's grandmother tries to tell him something important, but he isn't interested. At school, the boys ruminate over what Miyako meant about being possessed.

E15 | Toward an Abandoned City

Tarou takes a bus to Kumada to apologize to Kei. Makoto is also traveling that way, and the two discuss their suspicions about Miyako.

E16 | Hopeful Monster

Tarou accompanies Makoto to confront his mother. Masayuki and Michio try to find more information on DBI, when Masayuki has another experience and visits the research center.

E17 | Implicate Order

Michio is now able to cross into the Unseen World, and Makoto is still in Kumada. Takahito, concerned for Miyako, delves into the concept of the Lord of One Word.

E18 | Holographic Paradigm

Tarou reflects upon what he said to Miyako. The investigation into the DBI continues with Suzuki reporting some new findings to the Chief.

E19 | Negentropy

Some accidents occur that seem unrelated, but they share a mysterious coincidence that does not seem all that coincidental.

E20 | Shaman's District

Suzuki begins to investigate Reika's and Makoto's mother. When Miyako is chosen to lead the Oogami group, Tarou crosses into the Unseen World to find Takahito.

E21 | Stochastic Resonance

Takahito finally wakes from his coma, but may be unable to help Miyako. Makoto stays with Tarou's family and learns that their fathers were close friends.

E22 | Passage

The town prepares for a typhoon. Tarou, Masayuki, Makoto, and Michio seem to be the only ones capable of rescuing Miyako from the Oogami group's plan.



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