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Getter Robo Arc

Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English

Getter Robo Arc

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | The Demon on High

The Getter D2 Squadron needs two more pilots to protect Earth. Meanwhile, Takuma hunts for his mother's killer and heads to the Saotome Research Lab along with Baku.

E2 | The Children of Destiny

Takuma and Baku become pilots for the Getter Arc on Hayate's order. Meanwhile, a space-time gate opens above the Saotome Lab and the enemy attacks en masse.

E3 | The Arc Activates

Takuma, Kamui and Baku launch their Get Machines as Shikishima's defense system activates. During the intense bombardment, they combine into Arc and confront the enemy army.

E4 | On a Gorgeous Night

Getter Ray research may be the key to the enemy's transportation system. Meanwhile, Takuma, Baku and Kamui find themselves by a gate to the old lab.

E5 | The Chosen Children

A grotesque monster beneath the lab sends a horde of insects to do its dirty work, but to what end has it mobilized its minions to target Dragon?

E6 | The Dragon's Descendant

The Saotome Lab requires help after the last attack. Fortunately, Sho Tachibana and the allied forces arrive to provide aid.

E7 | The Getter Coalition

Faced with the Andromeda Stellaration threat, the humans and Saurians decide to put their hostility aside and join forces.

E8 | Blood of Dragons, Heart of Man

Until the Jura Dead operation begins, the Arc team is under the command of the Dinosaur Empire. Takuma is not happy with this arrangement.

E9 | Charge!!

The Andromeda Stellaration attacks Machine Land. Kongming infiltrates the stronghold and confronts Takuma, Baku and Kamui with a nano-machine body.

E10 | The Interstellar Crusade

Takuma, Baku and Kamui finally learn a terrifying truth and how it involves Getter.

E11 | Deep Desire

Both sides have a reason for fighting and refuse to back down. As the battle rages outside, Takuma and the others prepare to confront McDonald.

E12 | Overlapping Time

Takuma, Baku and Kamui saw the same future, but they all choose to walk different paths.

E13 | Final Episode: The Never-ending Battle

Two warriors confront each other in the skies over Tokyo. Both desire peace, but fate has given them no choice but to fight. What future lies beyond this unavoidable battle?



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