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Frame Arms Girl

Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Frame Arms Girl

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Gourai

Ao opens a package and finds a Frame Arm Girl nestled inside. Afterward, she gets an unexpected visit.

E2 | Can a Sty-ko who Can’t Fly be Called "Sty-ko"? / We’re Gonna Clean

Ao starts to get to know more about the Frame Arms Girls and their functions. Meanwhile, Gourai has other plans on what to teach.

E3 | Let's Go to School / Here Come the Materia Sisters

Base goes with Ao to school and certain things start to go missing. Meanwhile, the Materia sisters arrive at Ao’s doorstep.

E4 | Jinrai Has Arrived! / Redecorating is Fun

Ao is trying to teach the girls human manners, but everything is upended when Jinrai arrives and challenges Gourai to a duel.

E5 | The Architect is Activated / The Errand Race

Gourai and Jinrai are in the middle of a battle when the Architect interferes. Afterwards, the other girls introduce the Architect to the human world.

E6 | Fireworks Festival of Feelings / Let's Go to School 2

Ao is going to the summer festival with her Frame Arm Girls! With Jinrai’s antics and the Materia sisters’ troublemaking humor, Ao is in for a ride.

E7 | Vs. Hresvelgr" / "First Tale of the F.A. Girls

The Frame Arm Girls decide to play hide and seek until Ao gets home. Afterwards, Gourai wants an upgrade, and Bukiko is more than willing to help!

E8 | The Pep Rally / Autumn Beckons...

The girls put on a pep rally, and each one of them has their own act! With humorous antics, Gourai opens up to Ao.

E9 | Ah, I’ll Catch A Cold / Together Again Tomorrow

Ao gets sick and the girls are determined to take care of her. Afterwards, Ao has a dream where all the Frame Arms Girls go to the same school as her!

E10 | Hot Pot Day / Battle! Battle!! Battle!!!

Ao gets a little help from the girls while she’s preparing dinner for herself. In the meantime, Gourai has her hands full with an unexpected battle.

E11 | What Lies Behind That Emotion / A Public Bath! A Battle?

Ao tries teaching Hresvelgr about emotions. Gourai becomes worried about Ao, and later they blow off some steam at a bath.

E12 | Last Battle / That Which I Give to You

Gourai won't give up on Hresvelgr, and continues her battle with the help of the other Frame Arms Girls! Later, Gourai realizes what matters the most: friendship.



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