Key Art for Food Wars! The Second Plate

Food Wars! The Second Plate

Season 2

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: English Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Food Wars! The Second Plate

Season 2 | 13 Episodes

E1 | That Which is Placed Within the Box

The Fall Election's final eight prepare for battle, and Soma is up in the first round! What bento will he create to combat the molecular gastronomy genius, Alice Nakiri?

E2 | Interplay of Light & Shadow

With resolve and her newfound ability to keep a cool head, Megumi prepares to face Ryo in the next battle: ramen. These opposite personalities clash through their dishes!

E3 | The Age of Kings

The winner of Ryo and Megumi’s battle is announced. Immediately after that, the master of medicinal cuisine, Hisako, goes head to head against the spice master, Hayama.

E4 | The Pursuer

Subaru Mimasaka has a habit of stalking people to get in their heads, challenging them and then taking their prized tools. Will Takumi’s mezzaluna be next?

E5 | The Secret of the First Bite

Soma’s semi-final match against Mimasaka begins. With not only his tools, but also his future as a chef at risk, Soma prepares to fight Mimasaka’s version of him.

E6 | Morning Shall Come Again

The battle between Soma and Mimasaka begins! Immediately, Mimasaka’s mimicry of Soma’s dish comes into play. Can Soma beat this detail oriented “mirror” chef?

E7 | Beasts That Devour Each Other

The arena is filled with scarcely contained, feral tension as Akira Hayama and Ryo Kurokiba face off in the last round of the semi-finals.

E8 | The Battle That Follows the Seasons

Soma finds himself in a strange place as the finals approach. Testing out recipes might be the last thing he has to worry about compared to the knowledge he lacks.

E9 | The Sword That Announces Fall

The finals are on! With an unprecedented three-way battle ahead, Soma seems like the underdog compared to Hayama and Kurokiba. Can he even finish in time?

E10 | A New Jewel

In the last act of the competition, Soma's creation falls short. However, his dish has a secret twist, but is it enough to win against Hayama and Ryo's masterpieces?

E11 | The Stagiarie

The Totsuki students are sent off for practical experience, and Soma lands in a (very) busy family restaurant with Erina's secretary Arata! Can these two even work together?!

E12 | The Magician Returns

Soma's been sent to work under Shinomiya at his newest restaurant. However, the grueling work exposes Soma's lack of skill in the French kitchen, putting his future at risk.

E13 | Pomp & Circumstance

After the soft opening, SHINO'S has one more set of important customers for Soma to serve: Shinomiya's Totsuki Academy peers! The final act: the new menu item competition.



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