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Engaged to the Unidentified

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Engaged to the Unidentified

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | It's Important to Start Off on the Right Foot

Kobeni has been married off at the tender age of 16 to honor her grandfather's wishes. Not only is her "fiance" moving in with her family, but he's bringing his little sister along with him. Or is it the other way around?

E2 | It's not bad Having a Loli Sister in Law

Mashiro becomes terrified of the thought of alien abductions. Benio continues to torment Mashiro with her love.

E3 | I Can Feel the Love Comedy Waves

Benio and Kaguya get to know each other a bit more as they take a trip to the grocery store. Later, Mashiro and Kaguya get a letter from back home, and Benio learns more about her past with her new fiance.

E4 | That's Just Her Being a Pervert

Mashiro finds out about Kobeni's low constitution. Kaguya's speedy escape from a stressful situation leads Benio to question who he really is.

E5 | This Woman Has Given Birth?

Mashiro and Kaguya's mother comes to Kobeni's house to visit. Things get a little strange when the new guest reveals what her family truly is. Valentine's Day draws near, and Kobeni's mixed feelings toward her fiance to be has her worried.

E6 | I Know! I'll Fill it With Sister-in-Law

Kobeni is becomes curious of Mashiro and Kaguya's other forms, but Kaguya refuses to transform in front of her. As Valentine's Day nears, Kobeni's mixed feelings towards her fiance to be have her worried.

E7 | That's One Thing, This is Another

The student council secretary, Suetsugi, has a tiny crush on Benio. In an attempt to get closer to her, she starts to suspect Mashiro and Kaguya's real identities.

E8 | Only a Little Sister Can Soothe Sadness Over a Little Sister

Kobeni, after learning of Konoha's true identity, decides to keep it from Benio. Later, Mashiro and Konoha get to know each other better.

E9 | How Humiliating, I'm So Embarrassed

Even though Hakuya is a man of integrity and agrees to keep the engagement a secret, word gets out and soon everybody knows about his secret.

E10 | I Looked Up the Term "Lovey-Dovey Phase

With the secret out, Kobeni attempts to set right the misunderstandings about the engagement to Konoha.

E11 | Enjoying the Handkerchief

Looking to make up for missing White Day, Hakuya is torn on what gift he should get for kobeni.

E12 | Do You Understand? I Understand

After Hakuya and Mashiro's sudden disappearance, Kobeni sets off on a search for any sign of where they may have gone to but finds herself in quite the predicament.



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