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ef ~ a tale of memories

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-MA)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English

ef ~ a tale of memories

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | eve

Three stories intersect on Christmas Eve. Out with his girlfriend, Kyosuke Tsutsumi spots a beautiful girl—Kei Shindo—and tries to photograph her. Hiro Hirono, on his way to Kei’s Christmas party, meets the beautiful Miyako Miyamura when she steals his bike in pursuit of a purse thief. Renji Aso encounters the mysterious Chihiro Shindo at an abandoned train station.

E2 | upon a time

Kyosuke continues to study the blurry photograph and questions his ability as a photographer. Meanwhile, Kei seeks Hirono’s attention while trying to respect his space, unaware that he’s skipped class and is spending the day with Miyako. Chihiro reveals to Renji that she has a memory defect that only allows her to remember thirteen hours at a time.

E3 | paradox

Renji rethinks his arrangement with Chihiro. Miyako walks out on Hiro. Kyosuke makes some major changes.

E4 | honesty

Renji and Chihiro decide to write a novel together, Kyosuke sees Kei again, and Miyako cooks dinner for Hiro.

E5 | outline

Renji is concerned with Chihiro's manuscript, Miyako refuses to leave Hiro alone, and Kyosuke gets Kei's attention.

E6 | rain

Kyosuke's interest in Kei wasn't straightforward, Kei ruins Mikyako and Hirono's date, Renji and Chihiro sneak into the library.

E7 | I…

After getting a significant amount of work done on the novel, Renji and Chihiro go for a walk on the beach where a misunderstanding causes Chihiro to run away in tears. Kei further sabotages Miyako's relationship with Hiro.

E8 | clear colour

Hiro reaches out to Miyako, while the frantic pace Chihiro has been working causes her to collapse.

E9 | forget me not

Hiro and Miyako take their relationship to the next level, causing Kei to melt down emotionally. Renji pushes on with the work, despite Chihiro's change in personality and the pain it causes him.

E10 | I’m here

Hiro and Kei come to an understanding, but Miyako is pulling away from him.

E11 | ever forever

Chihiro finishes her novel and agrees to go out on a date with Renji.

E12 | love

A depressed Renji reflects on his memories with Chihiro and begins to collect her missing diary pages. They meet again at the train station. Yuko and Yu reunite at the old church, and all is well for the other couples.



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