Key Art for Ebiten ~ Ebisugawa's Public High School Tenmonbu

Ebiten ~ Ebisugawa's Public High School Tenmonbu

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-MA)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Ebiten ~ Ebisugawa's Public High School Tenmonbu

Season 1 | 10 Episodes

E1 | The Legend of the Struggling Astronomy Club

With the Astronomy club on the verge of shut down, the eccentric club president puts a potential new member through a series of bizarre tests.

E2 | Crybaby Hakata's Transformation of Splendor

Kyoko has pushed poor Kanamori to the brink of delusion, and the only thing that can bring her back is a magical girl battle extravaganza.

E3 | Put Love Into It, Not Konpeito

A new student becomes interested in the Astronomy club, but Kyoko won't have her. Soon the new girl reveals her true identity, and the battle between the two begins.

E4 | Stamp 2012

A fainting girl epidemic is sweeping the school, and Kyoko's club is to blame for the outbreak. Kyoko in turn blames the first person she sees.

E5 | This is the Agonizing Astronomy Club of Miracles! A Maid has Landed!

Izumiko finally finds Itsuki after a long search, and discovers the unusual secret he and Kyoko have been keeping.

E6 | Aim for the Stars! The Girl that Dreams of Love

Yuka is intent on shutting down the Astronomy club, but Hasumi invites her for a night of stargazing before she makes her final decision.

E7 | Viva Astronomy

Kyoko decides to form a band but then realizes that no one can play an instrument. Undeterred, the Astronomy club's fearless leader devises a plan to recruit musicians.

E8 | The Agonizing Astronomy Club's Special Endless Herb Pheromone

Itsuki's pheromones run rampant across the school without Izumiko's constant doses of medicine. He becomes irresistible to all the girls, making them his to control.

E9 | The Astronomy Club's Great Victory! Ready, Go Towards Tomorrow!!

Itsuki has transformed into the ultimate ladies man, with only Kyoko and Hakata standing in his way. He devises a plan to bring them under his control.

E10 | Beautiful Dreamers

With Itsuki back to normal and everything else settled, the club prepares for the school culture festival. Izumiko and Itsuki's relationship remains uncertain.



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