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Divergence Eve: Misaki Chronicles

Season 2

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: English Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Divergence Eve: Misaki Chronicles

Season 2 | 13 Episodes

E1 | 2315 - Allied Forces Military Academy

Misaki’s childhood relationship with her father is revealed, and she begins her military training at boot camp.

E2 | 2316 - Field Training

Misaki, along with her new team, begins a field-training mission. The mission becomes surreal when a friend from a different time period arrives on the field.

E3 | 1594 - The Assassination of Totomi Hideyoshi

Lyar traverses back in time to Feudal Era Japan in search of a Ghoul, accompanied by a man who assists in her mission.

E4 | 1594 - Grotesque Shadow

In Feudal Era Japan, Lyra encounters another spectral. However, this spectral seems different, special, and strangely familiar.

E5 | 1936 - The 2-2-6 Incident

The team discovers a ghoul amongst a bloody coup occurring in pre-World War II Japan, only to find Misaki there already.

E6 | 2305 - Allied Military Naval Base

Misaki travels to a time period in which her father is still alive and preparing to go to Watcher’s Nest.

E7 | The Two Watcher`s Nests

Watcher’s Nest comes to face a parallel version of itself from another timeline. Suzanne and company travel to the other Watcher’s Nest to investigate.

E8 | Soldiers Return

Misaki tries to hold back the Ghouls in the quantum core and contacts the others. Suzanna makes a startling realization as Kiri attempts to guide Lyar to Misaki.

E9 | The Ruin`s Secret

Misaki is recovered, and seems aware of the existence of her other selves. As the group prepares to attempt a dangerous mission, a revelation is made that changes everything.

E10 | Hidden Past

As Lyar begs to check for survivors, a vision into the past gives insight as to Misaki's origins and her parents lives before her birth.

E11 | Overlapping Timelines

Ghouls attack once again, and Le-Blanc aims for the part of Misaki that is holding a particular Ghoul at bay. Le-Blanc's plan is revealed.

E12 | Mission 4

Ghouls are invading from holes in the universe, and Misaki attempts to confront LeBlanc, but his hold on the control room proves difficult to overcome.

E13 | Misaki

A year later, Lyar is granted permission to visit the families of those who died at Watcher's Nest. As she explores the region, she comes across a remnant of Misaki.



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