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Divergence Eve

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: English Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Divergence Eve

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Mission 2

A dangerous mission causes immediate loss as Ghouls attack the pilots sent out of Watcher's Nest. As the battle rages, Misaki's fate is set.

E2 | Quantum Barrier

A shuttle travels to Watcher's Nest, but is attacked by the alien race called the Ghouls. Misaki awakens from her controlled sleep and goes to aid the shuttle.

E3 | Necromancer

Everyone seems to know what they're doing, except Misaki. However, when Misaki is in any kind of danger, every part of her becomes enhanced

E4 | Specular

The cadets are given a day off! Misaki is enjoying the residential area, only for a Ghoul to materialize and ruin the day.

E5 | Seraphim

A news reporter from Earth arrives at the Watcher's Nest with special permissions and immunity. He seems determined to find out what is really going on at the colony.

E6 | Watcher's Nest

Sworn to secrecy, the cadets now know the danger of their foes. Suzanna experiences a truly traumatic event that may leave her unable to continue as a cadet.

E7 | Quantum Core

Misaki gives the reporter her ID card so he can hack into the Watcher's Nest computer system. He promises her that she will not get into trouble, but is he trustworthy?

E8 | Alchemy

Lyar makes a brash choice to rescue Misaki, only for the three cadets to promoted to pilots. As politcal dangers become more and more real, no one is safe.

E9 | Tragedy of Cherubim

Misaki and her friends go out to have a nice dinner to celebrate graduation, but they have never used chopsticks before! On top of that, something shocking is revealed.

E10 | Divergence EVE

The Ghouls attack again but some of the soliders are missing, so one of Misaki's friends goes alone and tries to hold off the Ghouls as long as possible.

E11 | Designer's Children

The Ghoul attacks on Watcher's Nest are continuous, and they begin to appear throughout the colony. Misaki goes to visit a church to discover mysteries about her father.

E12 | Mission 1

Misaki seems to be a real prodigy as she tackles a practice mission easily, and then survives a real mission with no damage. However, Kotoko is suspicious.

E13 | Mission 3

As all citizens are evacuated, Jean-Luc takes over the controls and sends Misaki to communicate with the Ghoul. Time is rewound.



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