Key Art for Dive!!


Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-PG)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English


Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Dive to Blue

The Mizuki Diving Club is falling on hard times and needs something to shake things up. But what could that possible be?

E2 | Concentration Dragon

It's the Olympics or bust. Either someone on the Mizuki Diving Club makes the cut or the entire club is doomed! No pressure.

E3 | Enter Shibuki

With the Olympics 18 months away, a training camp qualifier is the best chance the Mizuki Diving Club has. Tomoki discovers he's got a lot riding on his shoulders.

E4 | The Strong Men

The club will now practice with other Olympic hopefuls. Which includes Atsuhiko, Yoichi's self-proclaimed rival...

E5 | The Days of Gray

An unfortunate development has thrown Tomoki off his game. Yoichi gives him a much-needed pep talk.

E6 | Diamond Eyes

Things go from bad to worse and Tomoki may drop out of the club entirely. Not if Coach Asaki has anything to say about it.

E7 | Dear Friends

The selection committee has decided on three final candidates. Unfortunately, that also means not everyone made the cut...

E8 | So I Envy You!

What's next for Shibuki? Tomoki and Yoichi travel to his hometown to find out.

E9 | Next Stage Coming

Yoichi is an Olympic representative! It's a tremendous accomplishment, so why does the young diver feel like something's wrong?

E10 | Meet the Monster

Yoichi wishes to speak with Chairman Maebara. Tomoki ends up pushing himself too far and pays a steep price.

E11 | Final Stage

Filled with new determination, Yoichi vows to perfect a dive with Coach Asaki's help. Meanwhile, Tomoki runs into an old friend.

E12 | Concrete Dragon

The team is at their lowest point when Coach Asaki reveals something surprising. Will this be enough to motivate the Mizuki Diving Club to victory?



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