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Diabolik Lovers

Season 1

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Diabolik Lovers

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Episode 1

A girl finds herself in a house full of bloodthirsty vampires. With traditional anti-vampire weapons seemingly useless, she becomes lost within the labyrinth of hallways.

E2 | Episode 2

After being told to behave or face certain doom, Yui is coerced by Ayato to skip class, and she submits to his every whim.

E3 | Episode 3

Ayato has claimed Yui as his own and is furious to discover the bite marks of another. He confronts the culprit and a game of darts will decide who Yui belongs to in the end.

E4 | Episode 4

Yui, still intent on escaping the horrors of the mansion, learns a shocking truth from one of her oppressors.

E5 | Episode 5

More information is revealed to Yui about the brothers' past, even as she endures her life's blood being drained by two of them.

E6 | Episode 6

Yui continues to struggle adjusting to life with the vampire brethren. Subaru grants her desire to flee, but something is keeping her there…

E7 | Episode 7

A mysterious woman gives Yui a chance to look into the past, when Ayato and his brothers were young boys.

E8 | Episode 8

Yui seeks out Shu to ask him about the sudden chest pains she is experiencing, but instead she learns more about her late father.

E9 | Episode 9

Amid Yui's growing concern for her safety, the boys' uncle appears, and shows her the reason she has stayed alive this long.

E10 | Episode 10

As Richter carries out his fiendish scheme, Ayato demands to know what has happened to Yui as a result.

E11 | Episode 11

A fight breaks out between the boys and Richter. While Ayato proclaims Yui to be his, Richter brandishes a knife.

E12 | Episode 12

The struggle between Yui and Cordelia for control over the body comes to a head. The boys hatch a plan to get rid of Cordelia for good.



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