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Devils and Realist

Season 1

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Devils and Realist

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Devil & Realist

After learning his family is bankrupt, William breaks into his family’s secret treasury, but never dreamed that he'd inherit a hellish decision.

E2 | Human & Angel

Dantalion gives William a revelation, and claims he will not leave until William elects him! Later, Sytry approaches William with a strange proposition.

E3 | Exorcist & Ghost

Dantalion and Sytry are becoming increasingly popular at school, but William's inability to trust Dantalion may get Sytry in a dangerous spot.

E4 | An Old Love Story

William is surprised about the new priest at Stradford, but more so at his frosty attitude. He doesn’t have much time to think about it, though, as Camio makes his appearance.

E5 | Mill & Flour

Dantalion dislikes that William seems to favor Camio. As William, Isaac, and Sytry investigate the old mill, Dantalion is warned about a powerful person close to William.

E6 | The One Who Schemes

Mycroft requests that William comes to his manor to meet his family. Sensing Beelzebub at work, Dantalion and Sytry tags along to protect William.

E7 | Party & Battle

During the Great Sabbat, a rumor spreads that Camio is Lucifer’s child, with power surpassing the Four Kings. Meanwhile, Baalberith begins his plot to take Solomon's soul.

E8 | Pain & Ecstasy

A new student arrives, but Dantalion is wary of his brightness, smelling foul play. As William is accused of cheating, Heaven proves just as dangerous as Hell.

E9 | Vice & Virginity

Dantalion, Sytry, and Camio inform William they must return to Hell to deal with an emergency. While they're distracted, Kevin has a plan for William.

E10 | Another Battle ~ As an Intermission

Stradford holds their annual culture festival on campus, and William decides to use Dantalion and the others as workers for his café.

E11 | King & Ring

Michael meets with Uriel to discuss their next strategy to obtain Solomon's soul, while a similar meeting occurs in Hell.

E12 | Realist but Romanticist

Solomon demands that Dantalion should not interfere as he battles against Baalberith and the other demons.



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