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Devil Survivor 2: The Animation

Season 1

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Devil Survivor 2: The Animation

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Melancholy Sunday

When Daichi and Hibiki are suddenly killed, they are mysteriously revived and sent into a battle between humans and demons.

E2 | Monday of Upheaval - I

Three friends are thrust into a war they never asked to be a part of, wielding demons to battle the invading Septentrione, with the entire world at stake.

E3 | Monday of Upheaval - II

Daichi and his friends are transferred to Osaka, where they meet two new Summoners.  However, pleasantries will have to wait, as an old foe attacks their new city.

E4 | Monday of Upheaval - III

Hibiki struggles with his failures while Osaka's defenses come up short.  Meanwhile, a new enemy has made itself known and is intent on destroying all who oppose it.

E5 | Tuesday of Turbulence - I

Professor Kanno fervently works to restore the Terminal tech as Septentrione readies for a new assault. Io and Daichi search for Hibiki, but make a different discovery.

E6 | Tuesday of Turbulence - II

The three friends are reunited just as a new Septentrione attack is under way. Two former JP's members join the fray to help battle the new threat.

E7 | Wednesday of Transformations - I

Ronaldo and Yamato reach an uneasy truce and decide to work together. With another attack looming, they decide to split protection of three cities between them.

E8 | Wednesday of Transformations - II

The three entities of the Septentrione manifest and head straight for Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Hibiki, armed with secret knowledge, must find a way to stop the enemy advance.

E9 | Thursday of Shock

Hibiki, dazed but in good shape, awakens on Thursday to find a guest in his quarters: Alcor. Is he still a threat, or has he changed his ways?

E10 | Friday of Farewells

To defeat Mizar, JP's will summon a powerful demon; unfortunately, controlling it will mean trapping it in a human vessel that is bound to be destroyed.

E11 | Saturday of Variances

The seventh Day of Judgment has arrived. With Hibiki still in a coma following the previous day's encounter, Daichi and the others will band together in an effort to stop it.

E12 | Sunday of Realization - I

The final battle line has been drawn. The Void continues to expand, devouring all of existence, and Alcor and Yamato finally resolve their long-brewing conflict.

E13 | Sunday of Realization - II

No longer afraid to fight, Hibiki remembers his promise of having an audience with Polaris. Driven by anger, he ventures forth for answers.