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Destiny of the Shrine Maiden

Season 1

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Destiny of the Shrine Maiden

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | The Land of Eternity

On a day that they should be celebrating, Chikane and Himeko are suddenly thrown into a battle against an insidious enemy.

E2 | Overlapping Sun and Moon

Chikane and Himeko discover the story behind the Orochi and priestesses, only for them to be caught up in a fight.

E3 | Secret Love Shell

With Himeko all but homeless, Chikane offers the girl her home as they learn how they must fight the Orochi.

E4 | Direction of Affection

Soma finally asks Himeko out on a date! The two go to the amusement park but the 1st Neck, Tsubasa, confronts them and Soma must protect Himeko.

E5 | Over the Darkness of Night

Soma is able to repel Tsubasa's attack, but Tsubasa gets away. Soma starts training to ensure that, when they meet again, he will be able to protect Himeko.

E6 | You, Where the Sun Shines

Chikane and Himeko look back over the circumstances of how they met and became friends. Together, they train to be able to fight Orochi.

E7 | Rainfall in the Hell of Love

As Soma and Himeko are out on their date, a sudden storm appears. They take shelter in an abandoned warehouse that isn't as abandoned as they think.

E8 | Storm of the Silver Moon

While out with Soma, Himeko looks for a gift to brighten Chikane's spirits. However, a terrible discovery awaits her at Chikane's mansion.

E9 | To the Edge of Hell

Despite what was done to her, Himeko is having a hard time accepting betrayal. Things get a little easier when Makoto returns. Meanwhile, Chikane combats the other Orochi.

E10 | Invitation of Love and Death

Alone, Himeko performs the ritual to revive Ame no Murakumo. When Chikane comes back to her, it seems like everything is back to normal, until something awful occurs.

E11 | Dance of Swords

The final battle is upon them and Himeko, with Soma at her side, battles against Chikane and the Orochi. The fate of the world, and the two friends, hangs in the balance.

E12 | Priestesses of the Godless Month

As their past lives are revealed, so is Chikane's motivation to join the Orochi. Things return to not-so-normal, but Himeko is certain love will cross her path again.



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