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Darwin's Game

Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Darwin's Game

Season 1 | 11 Episodes

E1 | First Game

Just as Kaname begins to suspect there's more to the shady app than meets the eye, his first battle suddenly begins.

E2 | Gemstone Mine

After Shuka explains the rules of the game to Kaname, they agree to join forces. Together, they explore Shibuya and prepare for the upcoming in-game event.

E3 | Ignition

The Treasure Hunt Game begins. The rules of the game are simple: find the rings hidden around the city of Shibuya.

E4 | Fireworks

Kaname and Rein discover that the Florist is watching their every move. They join forces to undermine his plans by destroying the cameras while evading his henchmen.

E5 | Aquarium

Kaname realizes that in order to win the Treasure Hunt Game, he must defeat the vicious Eighth Clan. To do this, he forms a temporary clan with Rein, Ryuji, and Hiiragi.

E6 | Hardness

Kaname and Ryuji arrive at the origin point of Shuka’s message. As Kaname tries to figure out how this happened, Ryuji encounters a young girl named Sui.

E7 | Eighth

As the Treasure Hunt Game enters its final stage, the Eighth Clan advances toward Shibuya Central Tower. Rein arrives there first, but finds someone unexpected waiting for her.

E8 | Fragile

Kaname and company engage in a battle with the leader of the Eighth Clan. Who will be the winner of the Treasure Hunt Game?

E9 | Heads Up

One month has passed since the conclusion of the Treasure Hunt Game. Kaname has formed his own clan and is undergoing training at Danjo Boxing Club.

E10 | Old One

While Kaname is consumed by guilt for dragging his friend into the D-Game, Rein returns with details on Wang’s hideout and the Eighth Clan’s combat skills.

E11 | Sunset Ravens

Kaname challenges Wang to a clan battle to settle things once and for all. What will be the fate of the Sunset Ravens and the Eighth Clan?



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