Cuticle Detective Inaba

Season 1

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Cuticle Detective Inaba

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Counterfeit Currency Printing Incident/Inaba Hiroshi Kidnapping Incident

Lone "wolf" Detective Inaba Hiroshi gets a visit from an old partner who needs his help to catch an infamous mob boss.

E2 | The Secret Documents/Mother and Child Stalker Case

Unlikely alliances must be made to take back a stolen document. Inspector Ogino also believes his family has a stalker.

E3 | The Chocolate Enchantment Case Countermeasures Headquarters/The Wolf Girl Assassination Case Countermeasures Headquarters

Don Valentino tries to trap Hiroshi, and another wolf from France begins working for the Secret Doberman Corps.

E4 | Uniformed Police Officer Raid Incident/Cat Lover Enchantment Case

Ogino goes undercover when the police force is attacked. Kei is kidnapped, but things take an interesting turn.

E5 | The Genius Tag Team Case/The Pleasure Trip Paradise Case

Ogino seeks help from Hiroshi to try and take out Don Valentino's young, invention-making, genius doctor.

E6 | The Mastermind Black Fang Arrival Case/The Wolf's House!

The real leader of the Black Fang terrorist group makes himself known, and he has an important message to deliver to Hiroshi.

E7 | Extra:Acceptance into Hair Cuticle Academy/Cuticle Life: The Idiot Sons, 13 Years Ago/Extra: Bar Ragdoll/Cuticle Life: The Idiot Sons, 10 Years Ago

Kei gets accepted into a new school, and tensions grow high as someone may or may not be about to take Don Valentino's life!

E8 | Sasaki Yuuta Kidnapping Case/Inaba Family Breakdown Case (Part One)

Yuuta is captured in order to try and bait Ogino. Ogino also attempts to take control over Soumei's body.

E9 | Inaba Family Breakdown Case (Part Two)/Love Flag Jumble Case

Detective Hiroshi shows up on the scene to rescue Ogino from Soumei, who later has ulterior motives.

E10 | Goat Park Revelry Case/Don Power Spot Conspiracy Case

Ogata tries immersion therapy to help fix Ogi's problem with goats! Later, Don Valentino tries to scam tourists.

E11 | Don Valentino Jailbreak Case

Don Valentino's has found himself behind bars! While he's waiting for his jailbreak, he gains a new companion.

E12 | The Cuticle Phantom Thief Appears Case/Evil Organization Expansion Case

Hiroshi's hair collection is missing, which causes him to go berserk! Meanwhile, someone new requires the work of a contractor; good or evil!



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