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Cinderella Nine

Season 1

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Cinderella Nine

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Play Ball!

On her very first day of high school, Arihara Tsubasa steps onto the club introduction stage and declares, "The girls' hardball baseball team is looking for members!"

E2 | Can or Can't

To start a new sports association requires five members and a place to practice! Too bad there are no suitable locations at the school for playing baseball…

E3 | Let's Work Up a Good Sweat

With a field, an advisor and five members, the girls' baseball association is officially in action! Time to start practicing — but wait. Who just walked onto the field?

E4 | Though We May Stand at a Crossroads

Tsubasa opens up to the other members about why she decided to start a girls' baseball team at Satogahama instead of joining a club team.

E5 | Our First Game!

Now that the club has nine members, Tsubasa suggests that they play a practice game against another school. And preparedness is the key to victory!

E6 | What We Do From Now On

It’s exam season at Satogahama High, and Tsubasa isn’t having the best time studying. Hopefully Tomoe can help — but she’s under pressure of her own, it seems…

E7 | The Lost Child with a Smile

To be formally recognized as a club — and to get the budget every club needs to thrive — the baseball organization must be evaluated by the student council.

E8 | Looking Ahead to Summer

During team practice on a hot, muggy day, Tsubasa and Tomoe propose the idea of participating in a summer tournament for high school girls' baseball teams.

E9 | Having Each Other’s Backs, and Having Fun

The Satogahama baseball team begins a week-long training camp at a local temple in preparation for the tournament. The goal? Improve their skills and become better friends!

E10 | Wings on Your Back

After being challenged by the highly competitive Kogetsu High School, Tsubasa announces the team’s batting order and starting positions — with two noteworthy omissions.

E11 | The National Tournament Begins

Nationals begins with the announcement of the tournament bracket… and Sato High’s first opponent just so happens to be staying at the same lodging as they are!

E12 | The Hottest Summer Ever

As the white sun travels through the blue sky, the girls of the Sato High baseball team take the field for the first day of the national tournament.



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