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Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English Latin American Spanish Portuguese


Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | A Hellish Beginning / The Envoy From Hell

The Onigami sisters find a strange creature in their home and decide to keep it. But then more of them show up.

E2 | Operation: Turn the Human Realm Into Hell / When You Wanna Work, But It's Hell

Mr. Hell receives a phone call that lights a fire under his lazy butt, but he’s too distracted by his burning love of food to buckle down!

E3 | The Pits of Hell / A Hellish Gift Murder Mystery

A looming deadline lights a fire under Mr. Hell’s butt, but where’s a human despicable enough to toss into a hell-pit when you need one? His new roommates may have a lead!

E4 | The Hellacious Battle of Siblings / Aw Hell, an Artistic Explosion!

Mr. Hell must encourage fights between humans in order to create hell on earth. Lucky for him, his new roommates make the job pretty easy... but are the consequences worth it?

E5 | A Hellish Scheme / Dead the Hellspawn

Something strange is afoot, and Mr. Hell is determined to find out what. But the chimimoryo aren’t making it easy...

E6 | Hell Matter / Joyful Hell

Mr. Hell must collect the hellish experiences of humans to complete the Hell Matter and rain fire and brimstone on humanity!

E7 | May's Birthstone is Emerald as all Hell / An Enlightened Day in Hell

Mei’s dreams of influencer stardom become reality when a series of not-so-truthful social media posts take on a life of their own.

E8 | Kitty Hell / The Hellish Chimimassage

The Chimimo make a friend they can’t live without, but is there room for a new recruit in the ranks? Later, Hazuki thinks of an industrious new use for the Chimimo.

E9 | Hell-Bent on a Stack of Money / Yikes! The Senpai From Hell Arrives

An unexpected windfall pits the members of the Onigami house against each other as they vie for popularity among the Chimimo.

E10 | Diet Hell / The Hell of Being "Old Enough"

The Chimimo star in their own edition of “Old Enough” when they run their very first errand for the Onigami household!

E11 | I Wonder Where You'll Be When I Eventually Look Back on This Hell / How to Deal With Being Bored as Hell

An unexpected guest drops by with a request that complicates Mei’s Ponskagram scheme.

E12 | Creating Hell! And Then Into the Hellfire... / A Hellish Ending

Mr. Hell’s senpai has arrived to deliver a hellish ultimatum. Under her watchful eye, Mr. Hell must perform an insidious ritual and finally create hell on earth!



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