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Chance Pop Session

Season 1

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Chance Pop Session

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Angel

Three girls from all different walks of life are brought together by their shared love for Reika's music.

E2 | Destiny

Akari, Yuki, and Nozomi do their best to get accepted into Akiba Music School, Father Samuel expresses his concerns about Akari.

E3 | Class S

Yuki decides to join a street band. Meanwhile, Akari struggles with her nerves as Kisaragi starts observing classes, in search for students to join her S Class.

E4 | Fortissimo

S Class must face new hardships as they prepare for their debut. Yuki starts to make a name for herself with her newfound band

E5 | Love Song

Feeling refreshed, Akari talks to the S Class about much needed improvements. A new student joins the S Class. Could this mean trouble for the other girls?

E6 | Memory

Akari is trying to put together the pieces of her past as she encounters a similar blue stone. Samuel then reveals her past to her.

E7 | Resonance

Akari makes her fateful return to the S Class, but she still feels isolated and alone. Yuki comes up with a plan to cheer everyone up.

E8 | Audition

The trio prepares for the M & K Records' Rookie Audition. The girls quickly realize that Jun is no longer their only rival.

E9 | Blindly

After the results have been announced, the trio now prepares for their next challenge. But does one of them push herself too far?

E10 | Advance

R3's first TV performance brings about the pressure of their debut. Meanwhile, Reika is haunted by memories of the past.

E11 | Pass

Kisaragi has an exclusive interview, during which memories of her past and youth flash through her mind.

E12 | Beginning

Even as rookies, R3 is destined for greatness as they are nominated for a Music Police Award, but is the publicity too much for the girls to handle?

E13 | Angels

The day of the Music Police Awards has finally arrived. R3 must face up against their longtime idol Reika in their rise to fame.