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Celestial Method

Season 1

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Celestial Method

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Disk City

Komiya Nonoka and her father return to the town they left 7 years ago. The town has changed in a big way, there's a huge saucer floating above the lake.

E2 | Their Promise

Nonoka tries to figure out several confusing relationships she has with familiar girls in the town. She's not sure where she fits in after so much has changed.

E3 | The whereabouts of Memories

Nonoka tries desperately to make friends with local girls during an orienteering trip, but some of them are treating her differently, as if they know something she doesn't.

E4 | A Fragment of Thought

Tensions rise as Yuzuki starts to have regrets about the past and Nonoka tries desperately to remember what was so important!

E5 | Flowers of Light

Nonoka doesn't remember everything, but she does remember a promise she made to watch fireworks together. Now she wants to make things right with Yuzuki!

E6 | Real Friends

What happens when a raffle in the shopping district has all of the same friends trying to win it? Can friendship survive this "brutal" competition?

E7 | That Which I Lost

The girls go on an impromptu trip to the outskirts of town while the store's symbol needs time to heal.

E8 | That Which She Believed

Building a planetarium for the cultural festival is no joke! Nonoka takes on the big project and persuades the rest of the girls to help her.

E9 | The Meaning of Goodbye

Nonoka is counting on Noel and Shione being at the cultural festival, but Shione’s family might be going through some changes very soon.

E10 | Where Wishes Are

Nonoka helps Noel as she has a sudden illness. Nonoka tries to figure out what made her collapse and shares a secret with the other girls.

E11 | Night of the Meteor Shower

Nonoka goes to see Shione and tells her about her wish. Yuzuki and her brother Souta talk about their wishes too, as a bigger story is unfolding with each confession.

E12 | The Town with no Disk

When the saucer goes missing, Nonoka is really worried and questions everything she knew about Noel.

E13 | From the First Sky

Feeling that something is missing, Yuzki, Souta and Koharu begin to develop an uneasy sense of nothingness.



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