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Blue Spring Ride

Season 1

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Blue Spring Ride

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Page 1

Futaba has a fateful reunion with her first love, Tanaka Kou. However, the young man she meets again after three years isn't the same kind boy she remembers.

E2 | Page 2

With painful middle school memories, Futuba hangs on to the wrong friends. Kou opens her eyes just in time for Futuba to intercept Makita, a girl eating lunch alone.

E3 | Page 3

A new semester offers a new chance at new beginnings for Futaba. Will she be able to redeem her reputation from the previous year?

E4 | Page 4

Kou and Futaba are on their overnight class leadership trip. Will this trip bring them closer or pull them apart?

E5 | Page 5

Secret feelings being to grow and come to light, and it's time for the final challenge at the leadership training trip.

E6 | Page 6

With a friend's eyes set on Kou, Futaba contemplates whether she should give up on loving him, or if she should admit to herself she still has feelings for him.

E7 | Page 7

Futuba is conflicted with how to approach Yuuri and Kou with her feelings, but she wants to come clean. Is it worth losing a friend for a boy that may not even be interested?

E8 | Page 8

Finally admitting her true feelings to Yuuri, Futaba is anxious to move a little closer to Kou. Will her efforts go unnoticed, or will Kou begin to feel the same way she does?

E9 | Page 9

When Futaba and Yuuri decide they want to help Kou with his studies, it becomes clear that jealousy may be too tough for the friends to handle.

E10 | Page 10

Is it possible for Futaba and Yuuri to both be moving closer to Kou? It certainly begins to feel like a true possibility, but one confession may change everything.

E11 | Page 11

Futuba discovers the roots of Kou's painful past, and she attempts to break through the walls surrounding his heart. Will he dare to let her in?

E12 | Page 12

Kou is finally beginning to warm up to his friends and family which lightens everyone's mood. With summer vacation finally arrived, the possibilities are endless!