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Atom: The Beginning

Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Atom: The Beginning

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Birth of the Mighty Atom

An experiment with A106 doesn't quite go as expected, leaving Hiroshi late for his part-time job and Umataro tending to his wounds.

E2 | Bewusstsein

Hiroshi and Umataro present at Nerima University for their work on A106. Meanwhile, Ran has some trouble head her way.

E3 | Pursuing the Respective Leads

An odd inspector stops by looking for a robotic dog, and the whole gang ends up trying to help him find it.

E4 | Welcome to Nerima U Festival

Hiroshi and Umataro are struggling to bring in customers with their udon during the school festival. Meanwhile, Ran and Motoko are attacked.

E5 | Step on it! Maruhige Shipping

Umataro, Hiroshi, and Six help Motoko move into her new place, but on the way to make the delivery, something goes amiss with the robots in town.

E6 | Lab 7’s Annihilation!

Horoshi and Umataro get in a fight, and both are unwilling to apologize. Motoko tries to reunite the guys by reminding them why they became partners.

E7 | Ran and Princess Teru

Ran and her teammates are busy preparing for a robot competition when Hiroshi makes a surprise visit to her club. How does Ran's robot do?

E8 | Robot Wrestling

The robot wrestling tournament is underway, and Six has his hands full with his first challenge. Is he able to overcome it?

E9 | Six Is Unfit to Fight

The robot wrestling tournament continues as Six advances into the semifinals, yet he doesn't seem to be ready for the next round. What could be wrong?

E10 | Battle Royal

The ultimate robot battle is here! The faceoff between Dr. Lolo and Umataro is on. Who will come out the victor?

E11 | A Dialogue

The final showdown between Mars and Six begins. Which robot will come out on top?

E12 | Beginning

Umataro and Hiroshi try to figure out a way to fix Six, which begs the question: was the Bewusstsein project successful?



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