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Asura Cryin'

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Asura Cryin'

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Asura Machina, the Evil Mechanical God

Tomoharu is used to having a ghost as a friend. He is not used to someone breaking into his home, demanding that he hand over an Asura Machina.

E2 | Future Destruction

The world was destroyed once? What's that supposed to mean? There are too many questions and not enough answers. Maybe Kanade can help shed some light on the situation.

E3 | A Shadow Born of the Light of Science

A Handler and a demon must never forge a contract, and the Holy Guard will do anything to prevent that from happening. Even if it means putting Kanade on trial.

E4 | The Feeling of Losing Your Destruction

The Holy Guard hires the Science Club to stop the monster sighted near a lake. Little do they know they aren't the only ones hunting the beast.

E5 | Intersecting Hearts and Bodies

Tomoharu and Misao discover a wounded Shuri at their doorstep. Except she claims her name is Yukari. Is this a case of mistaken identity, or is there more to the story?

E6 | The Sacrifice Beyond the Darkness

Yoh decides it's time to make a deal: a letter in exchange for a Stabilizer. Why is the Asura Machina plugin so important, and what is its connection to Burial Dolls?

E7 | Dreams Scattered Across the Cruel Sky

The past, no matter how tragic, shapes the present. Years ago, the destinies of five people altered in ways they never imagined.

E8 | The Princess of Calamity

Someone or something is targeting demons. Kanade moves in with Tomoharu and Misao for her protection, but Kanade isn't the only demon looking for a safe haven.

E9 | A Forbidden Being That Should Not Exist

The Holy Guard's fears have come true: an Asura Cryin' has appeared. As Reishirou warns Tomoharu to stay out of the conflict, Nia grows more worried for her sister.

E10 | Connected by the Chains of Time

Nia discovers the horrifying reason why the Asura Cryin' needs her. Tomoharu, Misao, and Kanade learn more about their new foe's identity.

E11 | The Ordinary and Extraordinary With Us

As the second years prepare for a trip to Hawaii, Tomoharu and Misao unexpectedly get invited to a party.

E12 | Until the World Wilts and Dies

Toru wants the Science Club to stay out of trouble, but that may be too tall an order since the club discovered a mysterious Asura Machina plugin.

E13 | Mark of the Accursed Sinner

An ultimatum forces the inevitable high-stakes confrontation between the Asura Cryin' and the Science Club. What's more important: the plugin or the lives of hostages?



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