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And Yet the Town Moves

Season 1

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And Yet the Town Moves

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | The Fortune Cafe

Hotori's and Toshiko's job at a maid café conflicts with school rules. They must convince their teacher to permit their job, but first the café has a lot of improvement to do…

E2 | The Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

An encounter with the local police officer leads Hotori to threaten sexual harassment suits. Hotori's plans to increase customers backfires.

E3 | The Cat Boy

Moriaki begs Hotori to use her detective skills to discern the mystery surrounding two keepsake paintings. Hotori assists with recovering a pet cat.

E4 | The Cursed Equation

After scoring a 0 on her math test, Hotori’s math teacher, Moriaki, sentences her to detention and divulges his murderous presumptions.

E5 | The Amazingly Strange Toshiko Tatsuno

Tatsuno receives tickets to see a movie and wants to invite her love interest, Sanada. Takeru, Hotori’s younger brother, is asked to hang out by his classmate, Ebi-chan.

E6 | The Pandora Maid Service

Hotori visits an antique shop in search of a birthday gift for Tatsuno. Later, she searches for a PC to scan an image for her site and finds a spreading pandemic.

E7 | The Lovers’ Midnight Dash

Sanada devises a plan and uses his daily horoscope reading to win Hotori’s heart. The two decide to play hooky for the remaining school day.

E8 | The Fully Automated Orchestra

The girls discover a vending machine with astonishingly good food. Hotori's class isn't planning anything for the Cultural Festival; Futaba suggests forming a band.

E9 | The Clash of the Buytans

Harue challenges Toshiko to a table tennis game. Both girls put up a furious fight, but in the end, who will be the victor of the tennis table?

E10 | The Finger Pointing Geriatric

The news reports mysterious holes that have appeared in the neighborhood. Futaba questions Hotori about the holes.

E11 | Kon’s Summer of Tears

Mr. Moriaki tries to help Hotori with her remedial math class by comparing it to detective work with mixed results.

E12 | Sore Machi...

Futaba & Toshiko aren't on speaking terms because Toshiko refuses to join the table tennis club. Hotori ruins an expensive pen and dreams about being judged in the afterlife.