Season 1

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Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | I

When our heroine awakes, she has no recollection of who she is or from whence she came. With the help of a spirit named Orion, she begins piecing together her life.

E2 | II

No one knows our heroine has lost her memories. Going about her daily routine, she suddenly remembers a conversation she had with Shin. The topic of conversation? Murder.

E3 | III

Shin takes the heroine home from the hospital, realizing that she's lost her memories. In order to refresh her memory, Shin reveals more about their relationship.

E4 | IV

We finally learn the truth about our heroine's accident during a fireworks celebration. When Shin tries push their relationship, will she push him away?

E5 | V

Our Heroine tries to figure out why she was sent back in time and the nature of her relationship with Ikki.

E6 | VI

Our Heroine can't decipher which of Ikki's personality is the real one. Later, someone advises her to be looking over her shoulder.

E7 | VII

Heroine converses with Kento and tries to pretend that she is following, but she is fooling no one… least of all Kento.


Toma cares for our Heroine when she faints; the pair later go shopping, and it isn't long before our Heroine is approached by a trio of angry girls.

E9 | IX

Our heroine finds herself a reluctant guest at Toma's house. Can she escape? What truths will she discover amid a haze of sleeping pills?

E10 | X

Our heroine finally makes it home. She reads her diary and uncovers a new truth… will this new knowledge change everything?

E11 | XI

Poor Heroine's days keep getting stranger and stranger... Ukyo's split personalities either want to help her or hurt her, and it could mean danger.

E12 | XII

Ukyo finally catches up with our Heroine at the bell tower, where she has gone to escape him. Time has run out for one of them...



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