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Allison & Lillia

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Allison & Lillia

Season 1 | 26 Episodes

E1 | Allison and Will

Will is a student at an elite school in the Loxianuk Commonwealth. One day, his childhood friend Allison appears - she's come to spend the summer together.

E2 | Into Enemy Land!

An old man reveals a "treasure that could end the war" to Allison and Will, but is then abducted. To save him, the two must fly into enemy Sou Be Il territory.

E3 | Walter's Battle

Allison and Will locate the Royal Army base where the old man is being held - but will they be able to get him out?

E4 | Our World

Allison and Will escape in a stolen airplane, and a lieutenant name Benedict is given the order to pursue and destroy.

E5 | The Frozen Forest

Will heads to the kingdom of Ickxtova for the winter on a study tour. He is kidnapped shortly on arrival - but who could be the culprit?

E6 | Fiona's Valley

Allison and Will are taken captive. Meanwhile, Benedict arrives and encounters a girl named Fiona. She asks to be taken to the capital, and has quite a story to tell.

E7 | The Entrusted

New ally Benedict agrees to take Fiona to Ickxtova's capital, with Allison and Will tagging along. While in the air, tells Benedict an important secret.

E8 | The Hero and the Princess

Fiona reveals that she is actually Francesca, princess of the kingdom. The truth behind the royal family's assassination is finally revealed, but Will has his doubts...

E9 | The Bridge on the River Litoni

Allison, Will, and Fiona depart Loxianuk by train, headed for Sou Be Il. Upon crossing the border they meet up with Benedict - but what awaits them next?

E10 | A Traincar Named Conspiracy

The friends are enjoying their train ride when suddenly the conductor is found murdered. They set out to find the culprit, who is still somewhere on board.

E11 | Gunfight at the Hill

When a major player in the Loxianuk military is threatened, his car is detached from the train along with Allison and the others. But forces from So Be Il are in pursuit...

E12 | A Long Day at Lilliane

The railway incident behind them, Allison and the others reach the city of Lilliane. The next day, on the outskirts of town, Benedict has a proposal for Fiona.

E13 | A Sweet Farewell

Allison and Will have been living happily together in Loxianuk's capital - but one day Allison's father, a captain, approaches her with a duty she must fulfill.

E14 | Lillia and Treize

Lillia, the daughter of Allison and Will, is now 15 years old and attending a prestigious school.  Just before summer break, she is visited by her childhood friend, Treize.

E15 | Lost!

Lillia and Treize take a sightseeing flight. Having been trained by her mother, Lillia even gets a turn at the wheel - but all of a sudden, their ship comes under fire.

E16 | The Charity Flight

Having escaped from the skies into the woods, Lillia and Treize return to their hotel thanks to a priest named Morceau, who tells them of his work with a charity airship.

E17 | A Twisted Cause

When Lillia and Treize learn of the Trucasia Air Force's plot to sacrifice children for its poverty-stricken country, they vow to stop it at all costs.

E18 | A Rewarding Kiss

Lillia and Treize rescue the children and bid them farewell. But soon, a chance encounter reveals the mastermind behind the plot to shoot down the charity airship.

E19 | Ickxtova in Winter

Treize invites Lillia and Allison to visit Ickxtova for winter vacation. Treize decides to tell Lillia his secret on New Year's Eve while watching the fireworks display.

E20 | New Year's Nightmare

Fiona and Benedict hold a New Year's celebration with a documentary film crew as guests - but suddenly, the crew reveals itself to be an armed group. What could they be after?

E21 | The Fate of Father and Daughter

Treize and Lillia use a secret tunnel to approach the armed group and enter the building. But when they use a wireless to call for help, they notice something strange...

E22 | The Revealed Treasure

Lillia is mistaken for Treize's sister and captured by the armed group. Meanwhile, Treize comes up with a daring plan to rescue Lillia.

E23 | Accidental Passengers

It's spring vacation, and Lillia and Allison set off for a trip. Meanwhile, Treize has a secret meeting with Princess Matilda - who must be married before she turns 20.

E24 | The Great Train Operation

A chance accident causes Lillia to board the train that Treize and Matilda are currently on. Treize has little time to worry, however, when a passenger is suddenly poisoned.

E25 | The Culprit Laughs Secretly

Matilda takes her leave of Lillia, Allison, and Treize, escorted by her staff. Conflict breaks out again, however, when Matilda's train comes under attack.

E26 | My Prince

The criminal kidnaps Lillia and her entire train, leaving a taunting message for Treize to come alone if he wants to save her. But will he be able to catch up?



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