Key Art for Akikan!


Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English


Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Can You Feel It? First Kiss

Pacifist Kakeru Daichi gets more than he paid for when the soda he bought magically transforms into a girl.

E2 | Time to Study

At school, Kakeru tries to pass Melon off as his cousin. His friend, Najima, doesn’t take very kindly to the new girl, ensuing hostility between the two.

E3 | Akikan’s Feelings

Kakeru and Melon are confronted by a aluminum Akikan named Budoko. Later, another Akikan causes trouble during a study session at Najima’s house.

E4 | Lost Running & Thinking

A drunken Najima goes in search of Kakeru. Later, Otoya and Kizaki explain Akikans to Najima, and she reaches an understanding with Yell.

E5 | Dating Relationship?

After knowing the truth about Melon, Najima postpones her date with Kakeru indefinitely. Meanwhile, a fight ensues between Melon and Yell.

E6 | Deeply Touched! Humans & Akikans

Kakeru becomes aware of the fight between Melon and Yell and he starts to head off to find them. Najima is unsure how to resolve the hostility between their Akikans.

E7 | Transfer Student ~ A Great Welcome

Najima enrolls Yell into class where she becomes the talk of the class. Later, the Akikans play a game of baseball with their class.

E8 | Swimsuit Sensitivity

Kakeru and Najima finally have their date… at a swimming pool. Yell is determined to ruin it and Melon is determined to stop her.

E9 | The Moments Hearts Connect

Melon gets a job at a maid café. Intrigued, Yell gets a secret job as well. Kakeru and Najima find the true reasons their Akikans were looking for work.

E10 | Thanks for the Unchanged Present

Melon, Yell and Budoko are left alone without the supervision of their owners. How do they spend their day at home?

E11 | Shaken! The Strongest Akikan

A mysterious and powerful new Akikan attacks Melon, Yell, and Budoko. How will the humans be able to take down this powerful intruder?

E12 | A Toast to the Brilliant Future

After recovering from their injuries, Kakeru, Najima, and Kizaki chase the Mixed Juice Akikan. Are they able to confront the Mixed Juice Akikan in battle?



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