Key Art for AKB48 Ne-Mouse TV Season 3

AKB48 Ne-Mouse TV Season 3

Season 3

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

AKB48 Ne-Mouse TV Season 3

Season 3 | 11 Episodes

E1 | Coming of Age Resolution 2009

The girls collaborate with Mr. Aoki, the Chief Editor of the magazine, "FLASH." Their mission: Create a section piece for an upcoming issue.


The girls split into teams to come up with the best FLASH sealed section piece. The harsh reality sets in that getting the best piece is harder than it seems.

E3 | Shaking Hands with Animals

Blindfolded, the girls are led to to a special hand shake event, where they won't know who or what they will be shaking hands with.

E4 | Animal Handshake Event Part 2

Their unprecedented challenge is an "Animal Hand Shake Event." The girls must bond with the animals to get them to shake their hands.

E5 | “River” Promotional Video Shoot in New York

Along with 4 first-timers, the girls travel to New York. Their mission: Create an original music video for their new single "River."

E6 | “River” Promotional Video Shoot in New York Part 2

The girls continue to work on their music video. With the help of the creative directors, the concept of the music video is revealed.

E7 | Become a University Professor

Due to insufficient footage, the girls are tasked to give an original lecture as a professor of Ne-Mouse University.

E8 | Become a University Professor Part 2

After being tasked with an uprecedented special lecture, the girls must conduct interviews to win the interest of the university students,

E9 | Self-Control Through Pottery

Being the centers of any Idol group is important, so the centers of AKB and SKE are tasked with learning self-control through the art of pottery.

E10 | Solidarity Camp ‘09

"River" has reached number one on the Oricon chart! In order to stay at the top, the girls are sent to a "Solidarity Camp" to increase self-reliance.

E11 | Solidarity Camp Final Chapter

The girls must continue to fend for themselves at the "Solidarity Camp" in the last episode of "Ne-Mouse TV".



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