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AKB0048 Next Stage

Season 2

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AKB0048 Next Stage

Season 2 | 13 Episodes

E1 | The Young Girl's Trial

Following the events on Lancaster, the girls enjoy a well deserved celebration where Tsubasa makes an unexpected announcement.

E2 | Shocking New Development!?

Following the televised AKB trial, Chieri's popularity increases which gives her more work. Tsubasa announces a variety show starring the understudies.

E3 | Idols Before Dawn

The understudies participate in a handshake event. Meanwhile, Nagisa's concern for Chieri continues to grow regarding the early resuls of the General Election.

E4 | The General Elections

Everyone is anxiously waiting for the winners to be revealed. As the results are announced, some of them disclose their true intentions.

E5 | The Forbidden Star

The elected members are to perform in a concert while depression and jealousy grow among the members who were unselected.

E6 | Inheritor of the Light

Rumors spread about who could potentially succeed Atsuko. Meanwhile, all the girls vie for the Center Nova position!

E7 | Mimori Revolution

The new trainee prepares for succession in the underground shrine. When the successor is named, the girls are concerned about whether the new role will change her.

E8 | Decisive Battle on Akibastar

Yuko starts practicing alone causing concern among the members. Similarly Mikako, tells Yuko that she must embrace her loneliness in order to become Center Nova.

E9 | Blue Betrayal

The members of AKB0048 manages to escape from the DES. They end up in the middle of nowhere, forcing to leave some of the understudies behind.

E10 | Shouting Paradise

The ship is unable to leave, and the understudies are sent to gather data on the planet they landed on.

E11 | Beyond the Door

Chieri tells Nagisa about how she came to learn of AKB0048, leading to her first meeting with the members. Later, a meeting with father and daughter turns disastrous.

E12 | The Path to the Theater

While Chieri reamins in shock after her father's death, Momory and the other WOTA members come up with a plan.

E13 | No Name

The understudies have faith in their fans. With their heads up high, they set out to perform in the last episode of AKB0048!