Ahiru no Sora

Season 3

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  • Versions: Home Video Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English European Spanish

Ahiru no Sora

Season 3 | 12 Episodes

E25 | Undiscovered Talent

After a sleepless night, the first match of the tournament has arrived! But Kuzu High isn't the only team pinning their dreams on this game...

E26 | Rush and Rush

Hobble a key player, and the entire team will fall apart. Chiaki learns this lesson the hard way when the players of Shinjo High render his passing abilities obsolete.

E27 | The Hard Play

Kuzu's early lead makes no difference to Shinjo High, who quickly takes control of the game. Subbed in as pointguard, can Sora turn the tide back in his team's favor?

E28 | Vow

As pressure builds and halftime approaches, Chiaki makes a decision that could shake the entire team. Will he leave Kuzu high and dry or rally in time for the second half?

E29 | Bonds

As Kuzu dominates the court, the prospect of winning fades for Shinjo High — but help is on the way from the team's most unlikely player.

E30 | Reason for Living

Despite his terrible knee injury, Kojima's skills are formidable, but he isn't the only member of Shinjo High that Kuzu should keep on their radar...

E31 | What Must Be Protected

As the end of the game draws near, the players of Kuzu High push themselves to the limit. Only one thing's for certain: Stamina will decide their fate.

E32 | Time Limit

With only seconds on the clock, the pressure of defending the lead falls squarely on Kuzu High. But winning the match isn't the only thing Sora needs to worry about...

E33 | Life

Reunited at long last, Sora and his mother have a lot to talk about — and time is of the essence. Elsewhere, Sora's teammates deal with the aftermath of their recent match.

E34 | Light Trails

Sora is nowhere to be found, and in his absence, the basketball team must pick up the pieces. Whether they will succeed depends on the fire burning in their hearts.

E35 | Stand

A new challenger with mysterious motivations approaches Tobi for a game of one-on-one. Meanwhile, Sora returns, but the basketball team isn't the same club he left behind.

E36 | Kids Are Allright

The team must find a new advisor, so they take matters into their own hands — but will Satsuki be willing to return to the basketball club? Better yet, will Momoharu?



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