Ahiru no Sora

Season 2

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  • Versions: Broadcast Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English Italian European Spanish

Ahiru no Sora

Season 2 | 11 Episodes

E14 | Towards Victory

It’s hard to stay motivated when the inter-high tournament is so far away, but Nao has a plan to keep the team on its toes. First item on the agenda: learning how to screen!

E15 | The Boys' Spirit

The players of Kuzu High have just one practice game to prove they’re worth taking seriously. Has their training camp paid off, or will Kitasumi High dominate the court?

English Dub Release
Tue, Apr 13, ’21 5:00 PM

E16 | The Best Start and the Worst Start

As Kitasumi High gets serious, Nao unveils Kuzu High’s super secret defense strategy. It’s time to knock out the competition — and Sora is the key to victory!

English Dub Release
Tue, Apr 20, ’21 5:00 PM

E17 | Versus

Although guarding Taro is exhausting, Sora’s intense eyes make it clear that he’s ready to face the challenge head on! But can Chucky say the same when he takes to the court?

English Dub Release
Tue, Apr 27, ’21 5:00 PM

E18 | Now…

With Sora on the sidelines, Tobi becomes the target of Kitasumi High’s latest defense strategy: the insidious 2-2-1 zone press!

English Dub Release
Tue, May 4, ’21 5:00 PM

E19 | Higher Than Anyone

Dedication. Perseverance. Commitment. These are the qualities that make a basketball champion — and thanks to Konishi, Momoharu isn’t sure if he possesses any of them.

English Dub Release
Tue, May 11, ’21 5:00 PM

E20 | Last Play

As Sora steps into the role of pointguard, Chiaki steps into the spotlight. The fate of the game hangs in the balance, but will their change-up lead to victory or defeat?

English Dub Release
Tue, May 18, ’21 5:00 PM

E21 | Tears

A final shot will decide the fate of the match against Kitasumiyoshi High. As the dust settles, Madoka makes a difficult decision.  

English Dub Release
Tue, May 25, ’21 5:00 PM

E22 | The Last Piece

The school basketball tournament pits teammate against teammate. As Sora and Tobi face off, a towering new player steps onto the court.

English Dub Release
Tue, Jun 1, ’21 5:00 PM

E23 | The Moon and the Hoop

Mokichi’s height gives him an undisputed advantage on the court, but when it comes to basketball, height alone can’t outpace the pressure of lofty expectations.

English Dub Release
Tue, Jun 8, ’21 5:00 PM

E24 | Light

Midterms have arrived, and the team will have to hit the books if they all want to enter the tournament preliminaries. Meanwhile, Madoka makes a shocking discovery…



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