Ahiru no Sora

Season 1

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Ahiru no Sora

Season 1 | 24 Episodes

E1 | The Ugly Duckling

Sora is determined to join the basketball club, but the club’s members are determined to goof off instead of practice. Sora’s solution? A five-on-one game, winner takes all!

E2 | Boys Without Talent

Sora’s skill and enthusiasm remind Momoharu of what it means to be passionate about basketball — but will Momoharu keep his promise to get serious about the game again?

E3 | Momoharu’s Wings

Punks from Maru High have challenged Sora’s team to a basketball match, but how good is their team, anyway? Sora goes undercover to investigate!

E4 | First Flight

The day of the match against Maru High is here, and Sora can’t wait to hit the court! But do the punks of Kuzu High stand a chance against their more experienced opponents?

E5 | Broken Wings

Tokitaka thinks he’s found a way to shut Sora out of the paint, but the pint-sized powerhouse still has a trick up his sleeve that could turn this game around!

E6 | Now’s the Time

Sora’s new strategy has put him in the crosshairs of the defense, and things are looking bleak. Luckily for him, Kuzu High’s secret weapon is ready to take the court!

E7 | The Troublesome Freshman

After taking an exhausted Sora home post-game, Madoka learns the truth about Sora’s basketball-star mother and the reasoning behind his grand ambitions.

E8 | The Duck and the Kite

Kite only cares about two things: the ball and the basket. Team bonding? He'll pass, thanks... but will he change his tune when he learns he shares a common dream with Sora?

E9 | Kite, His Ball, and the Team’s Pain

Kite’s fate was sealed the moment he laid hands on those upperclassmen. Good thing Sora has never been one to give up without a fight.

E10 | Manager

All Sora wanted was to get his “wings” repaired. He didn’t count on getting a super cute, super clumsy team manager in the bargain!

E11 | The Boys' Stubbornness and Girls' Pride

Winning the match against the girls’ team should be a piece of cake, but Nao’s tactical abilities — not to mention the value of teamwork — shouldn’t be taken lightly.

E12 | Team

When Nao abruptly resigns as manager, Sora learns that there is more to her basketball background than meets the eye. Later, the need for team funds rears its expensive head.

E13 | Differing Enthusiasm

True passion for the game drives players like Sora to succeed. But can passion for basketball be taught — especially to players still new to the sport?

E14 | Towards Victory

It’s hard to stay motivated when the inter-high tournament is so far away, but Nao has a plan to keep the team on its toes. First item on the agenda: learning how to screen!

E15 | The Boys' Spirit

The players of Kuzu High have just one practice game to prove they’re worth taking seriously. Has their training camp paid off, or will Kitasumi High dominate the court?

E16 | The Best Start and the Worst Start

As Kitasumi High gets serious, Nao unveils Kuzu High’s super secret defense strategy. It’s time to knock out the competition — and Sora is the key to victory!

English Dub Release
Wed, Mar 18, ’20 4:00 PM

E17 | Versus

Although guarding Taro is exhausting, Sora’s intense eyes make it clear that he’s ready to face the challenge head on! But can Chucky say the same when he takes to the court?

English Dub Release
Wed, Mar 18, ’20 4:00 PM

E18 | Now…

With Sora on the sidelines, Tobi becomes the target of Kitasumi High’s latest defense strategy: the insidious 2-2-1 zone press!

English Dub Release
Wed, Mar 18, ’20 4:00 PM

E19 | Higher Than Anyone

Dedication. Perseverance. Commitment. These are the qualities that make a basketball champion — and thanks to Konishi, Momoharu isn’t sure if he possesses any of them.

English Dub Release
Wed, Mar 18, ’20 4:00 PM

E20 | Last Play

As Sora steps into the role of pointguard, Chiaki steps into the spotlight. The fate of the game hangs in the balance, but will their change-up lead to victory or defeat?

English Dub Release
Wed, Apr 15, ’20 4:00 PM

E21 | Tears

A final shot will decide the fate of the match against Kitasumiyoshi High. As the dust settles, Madoka makes a difficult decision.  

English Simulcast
Wed, Mar 4, ’20 10:25 AM

E22 | Coming Soon

This episode is not available yet. Please check our schedule for details.

English Simulcast
Wed, Mar 11, ’20 10:25 AM

E23 | Coming Soon

This episode is not available yet. Please check our schedule for details.

English Simulcast
Wed, Mar 18, ’20 10:25 AM

E24 | Coming Soon

This episode is not available yet. Please check our schedule for details.



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