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Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-PG)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English


Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Love ~ An April Day

Toru is elated when she is accepted to the same high school as her best friend Run. She meets Run's friend Yuko and instantly sees her as competition for Run's friendship.

E2 | A Bath on a Rainy Day ~ As Rain Fell

Run somehow leaves the house without any panties on the day she collapses from sleep deprivation. Yuko and Run stay at Nagi's where they have a bath and watch a horror flick.

E3 | Classmate ~ All Good to Go

Mr. Sato is (strangely) attracted to Run’s forehead, which bothers Toru. Meanwhile, a classmate named Yutaka becomes overly fond of Toru, which also bothers her.

E4 | Kilogram ~ Attention to Your Weight

Nagi worries that she is gaining weight and so she begins to diet. Meanwhile, much to the chagrin of Yutaka, Miho and Toru get to know each other better.

E5 | Seas ~ An Ocean Far Away

Run suggests that everyone go to the beach for summer vacation, so Nagi and Yuko go shopping for new swim suits. Later, they all enjoy fun in the sea and sun.

E6 | A Midsummer Night’s ~ A School in Summer

Toru has difficulty dealing with the oddness of her teachers. The gang decides to sneak into the school at night to get a form Run forgot, and they find a glowing surprise.

E7 | Summer Festival ~ August’s End

Toru is nervous to sing in front of Run at karaoke, so they sing a duet together. Later, at a festival, they become so engrossed in a stall they almost miss the fireworks.

E8 | New Term ~ Abnormal Circumstance

Summer vacation comes to a reluctant end. Classes resume, Toru and Run have a disagreement, and Toru learns why Yutaka and Miho like her so much.

E9 | Present ~ Abstract Art

The girls plan a party and Run and Yuko try to prepare food. On a quest to buy snacks, Toru and Nagi find a dirty comic in which the heroine looks uncannily similar to Yuko.

E10 | Fizzy ~ Act Up

Winter comes, Toru takes in a stray kitten, and Run gives it a name. The next day, snow falls at school and the students have fun with it, but they pay for it the next day.

E11 | Birthday ~ Allow Me

Run recalls memories from two years earlier when Toru helped her study for entrance exams. Toru's birthday is approaching, so she bakes a cake to bring to school with her.

E12 | Alien ~ Anytime

Toru worries about life after everyone graduates. Her fears continue on, but through various moments with friends and a dream, Toru finds peace with the upcoming changes.


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